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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Party at El Chaco

The rest of Christmas Eve Day
Later that night the owners of the campground invited all of us to a party with them and their extended family. Here is George watching the sunset before the festivities.
Over next to the area behind the restaurant and found the meat is already cooking. One of the sons went out to the farm and picked out a little pig (five months old) and prepared him for the evening’s doings. –that’s all I’ll say about that
The oil – corn oil I'm glad to say – is boiling and the pieces of meat are being added. And stirred of they wouldn’t burn. The buckets hold chunks of meat waiting to be cooked.

The skin of the pig is shaved using disposal blue razors. Fascinated me. It would be cooked later – chicarrones.
Just a view from the picnic area looking towards the ocean at dusk. 
Almost ready to eat. I had some ribs. It was delicious. Had grease all over my fingers and face when I was done!
The Huichol Indian musicians that were there to entertain us. They played from dusk to almost dawn – 4:00a.m. We bought one of their CDs. The music was different from what I’ve heard before in Mexico. It reminded all of us of bluegrass music.
The bonfire that was built to help keep the jee-jee-nees away – nasty microscopic biting bugs. Worked pretty good.
Listening to the music – the musicians.

A shirt video - not much to see but you can hear a little of the music.

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