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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Busy Day Yesterday -

Yesterday we went to La Noria, El Quelite and then to the plaza in the Centro Historico to see the Christmas decorations at night. Altogether a really nice day. This is going to be just about Christmas Well and a sunset. And a couple of other things.
I’ll start with a picture of Willie’s new sticker – the one we got in the Mall yesterday.
And this is the Las Jaibas RV Park – the back part where we are parked. So glad to see four new RVs in the front part when we got back from our travels today.
Looking towards the front
And this is the back part where we are parked. So glad to see four new RVs in the front part when we got back from our travels today.
From after watching the sunset from the Malec√≥n we went to the Centro Historico it’s so pretty there at night.
Nothing was going on at the Plaza Machado and we weren’t hungry so didn’t stop there. Continued on towards the main plaza. The Christmas decorations were complete and the area was full of families. Laughter and lots of Christmas music everywhere.
A little girl getting her picture with the snowman family. The pictures are a little dark ‘cause I didn’t want to use my flash and disturb any one. I think I had the only real camera there – everyone else was using their cell phone to take pictures.
He is getting his picture with the Holy Family. The Santa/Snowman scene is on one side of the plaza the Nativity Scene is on the other with the big CocaCola Christmas tree in the middle.
A new addition to the scene – there were two floats on the outer edges next to the streets. They lit them up just after we got there. This dragon.
A colorful butterfly
And the bright orange fish and green caterpillar.
Back to the Nativity side. The really little goats.
This little girl was squealing with delight as the goats ate out of her hand.
Suddenly the Church right across the street lit up – it is so pretty at night.
While wandering around checking everything out we happened to think of Bill’s sunglasses. The Optometrist’s office was right across the street and they were still open.
So off we went. His glasses were ready – the lenses no longer devil red.
Wish this had turned out better. He posed for quite a few pictures for his Mom each one different. Don’t know if he wants to be the next famous male model or if he is pretending to be a superhero.
Just a look at the crowd.
Another couple Pictures of the Church.

Bill getting into Willie. Could not believe we got a parking place right in front of the plaza.
Driving down one of the narrow streets heading home.
I’ve added a video of the sights and sounds. Lots of sound. Christmas music in Spanish. It might take a while to load -
Later on when we get home I have another video to share. Took it last night. There is a building here in Mazatlan that changes colors every few seconds. Really pretty.
Also have pics from La Noria and El Quelite. So check back later.

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