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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fishermen of Yavaros

Thursday a.m.
As I mentioned we are now in Mazatlan at Las Jaibas RV park. The park has 150 spaces and only about 20 of them are occupied. All but one and us are from Canada. Mostly people who were here last year too. More about that later. I want to finish up on Yavaros. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge
Yavaros is strictly a fishing village. Both big commercial fishing boats and little one to three man pangas. Some with engines some without. On one side of town are a lot of small boats – these guys are repairing their boat.
Yavaros, Mexico  repairing their boat
Selling the days catch. They stand under the palapas and clean and fillet the fish. People walk or dive up and buy what they want.
In town everything is available. Notice the TV dish on the roof. This pickup has a speaker to announce he is coming buy to sell his fresh produce. One of the housewives talking to him.
This is the harbor side. A couple of the ships that have been wrecked for a long time. The salvagers are trying to get some paperwork on them so they can cut them up and pull them out.
Some of the commercial boats at the dock – there are usually a lot more of them but we’ve seen a bunch of them out in the ocean fishing. They fish for shrimp and sardines. You can see the cannery in the back ground.
Out in their pangas. This is just beyond where the salvage operation is going on. Notice these guys at least have the orange rubber waders. They are catching fish right there. The pelicans are waiting for a hand out.
The man in green has his net in the water.
Pulling his net out. The white things are fish – Mojarras – don’t know what it is in English. And they eat them.
He is fishing from the dock. He motioned to me to take his picture if I wanted to. If I wanted to? Of course I wanted to. The net has weights on the bottom. He has gathered it up ready to throw it.
There it goes.
A short video of him throwing the net.

Pulling it back in.
Taking it to the catch bucket. It's an empty paint bucket.
Part of the catch still in the net.
Looking into the bucket. Fish and shrimp in there. The big fish is a Lisa – all the restaurants serve it.
Look at the size of the shrimp.
And this little octopus got caught too.
A fisherman out by himself. His paddle is a straight stick with the lid from a large plastic bucked attached. He has a determined look on his face. Earlier we watched him bailing out the boat.
Two youngsters coming in with their catch.
They’re putting the shrimp in a liter plastic bottle with the bottom cut off. See them in his hand.
Another handful. He looks about 13.
When the bottle was full they put the rest in a plastic bag.
There was a big dirt area just behind us and during lunch time at the factory a bunch of guys came out and played a game of soccer. When the whistle blew they all went back to work.
As we were leaving to return to Alfie school got out. A number of kids (the driver included) stopped to buy freshly fried hot sugar coated churros. They are good!
Then back to the RV to get ready to leave in the morning.

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  1. I Was There last year. The people are wonderful.