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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day in Aticama

Monday a.m.
Still cool and cloudy out. The sun just now peaked over the mountain but it is almost obscured by the clouds.
Every morning first thing I sort through the pictures I took the day before and try to figure out which ones to share. Sometimes it’s hard – maybe I shouldn’t take so many pictures. Them I write my commentary about the day. We can’t do anything else until I finish “my job.” So here I am this morning hard at work.
Christmas is over already – where does time go when you get older. I do know for sure that it seems to pass quicker. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were heading towards home last spring.
Just wanted to put in a close up of one of the figures of my beaded Nativity set. This is only 2 and ¼ inches tall. Imagine doing this for a living!
It continues to amaze us how many people will drive their cars out on to the sand and get stuck there. What part of passenger vehicle and soft sand don’t they understand. Yesterday was no different. The black truck is stuck solid. They had been pushing, pulling and digging for a while with no luck. Bill is on his way to tell them he will help.
Getting lined up and attaching a tow rope. Luckily our friend John had a tow rope. Ours was lost when Willie had his adventure. [note to self need to replace it]
Pull hard and push hard
All clear – Willie’s Christmas present to the family.
Then we took a short trip into Aticama via the beach road. Well kind of road. Its funny there are about five topes on this stretch of dirt, gravel, holey road. Believe no topes are needed to slow you down the road does that just fine. At least we met the truck where the road is a little wider. The horse will have no problems going around us.
I saw all these people out swimming in the ocean – looked like most of them had black inner tubes with them. Our friend John who was with us explained them to me. They are out there “fishing” for ostiones (oysters.) They float their baskets for their catches on the tubes.
Some of them had wet suits some didn’t. Today’s Christmas dinners in the making.
No real reason for adding this picture – just thought the architecture of this home being built was interesting.
Going back to the RV Park I saw this home sitting back in the jungle – how did I not notice it before? Very colorful.
Back on the beach the vendors were starting to set up shop.
And this little boy was having fun with his stick and ball.

Through out the day more and more families came to the beach to enjoy the water and sun.  We got restless and took a ride into San Blas where we found the streets almost empty. Everyone was at the beach.
Rode out by the marina – actually the marina with its big sail boats and cruisers is off in the other direction. These little boats take people for rides in the ocean and manglares (mangroves).
Watched these guys fishing off the dock. They wrap their fishing line around the plastic bottles add a hook to the end and their all set. Didn’t see anyone catch anything. I think they were just hiding from all the women at their houses cooking Christmas dinner.
Our neighbor asked us to stop at a Farmacia (pharmacy) if we saw one open as he needed Epson Salts? Found a small one open and while Bill went in I was checking out the signs out front of it. Kind of one stop shopping: Urgent care medical service, renew time on cell phones and internet sticks and a public telephone. Enterprising person.
We went by the campground Los Cocos RV that we stayed in in 1978 when we were here the first time. It’s a nice campground except for the biting bugs that hang out there. To read about that adventure click on the url http://www.movingon1.com/sanblas.html
Los Cocos Rv park San Blas, MX
Then we found something we’ve been looking for. The place we bought banana bread back in 1978 – it is the best made. As we drove by we could smell it being baked. Around the block we went and stopped to buy some. Way better than what we’ve been buying from the other stands. Way, way, way better.
Drove back to the campground via the beach instead of the road. Long beautiful vistas of sand, water and jungle.
Lots of people coming to the beach today. All the kids with their new toys.
Playa Matanchen
And those just enjoying the wet sand.
Or the warm water.
After getting home we just relaxed – getting good at that – for the rest of the day. Visited with George for a little bit and watched soccer and read. I’ve been downloading books from the library on to my Nook. When using Mexican Internet I can’t download anything from Barnes and Noble – which is just as good – any way much cheaper.
No plans yet for today - Hum Bill just said his computer game cheats. So does the one I play all the time. But it is hard to catch them doing it. Just know they do it.

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  1. I am enjoying your blog and your photos so much! Keep posting! :)