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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rest of trip to Copala -

Tuesday the 13th day of the last month of the year. I am glad the year will soon be ending. 2011 was not one of my favorite years.
The sunrise was beautiful this morning. But now the sun is behind a gray cloud.  Yesterday we found a way around the construction to go south but coming back here unless they finish – which they almost are – one section is still nasty. We’ll see.  
There was a mention on the TV news here in Mazatlan that the cruise ships will start coming back in January. Sure hope so as it is really hurting the economy of small vendors and taxi drivers with them not coming.
To finish up on our day in Copala. When we got there our friend, Alejandro, was not in his galley. His car was out front but everything was locked up tight so we just walked around a bit. Then we had an encounter with this lady – she is the bull dog of the town. She first told us that Alejandra was home, she went up and shook and banged on his door. No answer. Then she told us “the Niño is in the church” huh? So we went into the church and she followed right behind. Pointing out the Nativity scene and various statues and paintings. We’ve been in the church many times in the past. In fact last year when we brought our friend Tom here with us this same lady spent half the day shaking her finger at Tom and talking non stop to him. Any way she told Bill he should make a donation to the church and held out her hand.  So he reached in his pocket and took out all the coins he had there. She looked in his hand and told him that wasn’t enough. He said well he’d put it in the collection box any way. She shook her heard NO – and inferred that anything put in the box would be stolen. She kept telling him he should donate more money. Finally we walked out of the church with her following right behind us. This is when she finally gave up haranguing us.
Later Alejandro told us she does that all the time to visitors and villagers alike – and she keeps the money.
The church was built in 1740 – in the past I’ve posted lots of pictures of it so today I’m just adding a picture of the very top of the bell tower. Lots of grass growing out of it.
This is from a porch of one house looking at two others. One is blue the other white and yellow.
Looking the other way – again three houses. One with a bright blue porch wall, one with an old tile roof and the one across the street with all the grass growing on the roof.
This used to be a restaurant and an inn. Been closed for a long time.
Looking down at the main street from up the hill.
A few of the older buildings – the town was founded in the mid 1500s – these buildings are probably from around the early 1800s.
On the way home we passed this guy on his motorbike. Quite a load he’s got.
The vendor sitting down is selling packages of dried shrimp. The man with the three wheeled bike is selling ice cream to him.
They are selling grilled corn with lime.

He is selling balls of colored shredded coconut. So within a few blocks we could have had a whole meal.

Everywhere you look some one is selling something to eat. From candy to lobster. The streets are lined with people selling grilled or BBQd chicken and meat to a snow cone like products. Using a plainer they shave the ice off of a large block of ice and add flavored juice.

Today we are going towards the Malecón to visit our friend Angelica – she is leaving for the states in a day to spend Christmas with her family there – and we want to see her before she leaves. And later this afternoon there is a pizza party here in the campground. 

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