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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pictures from around Mazatlan

Thought I’d include some pictures I’ve taken the past few days.  First are some trees along the street in front of the Torres Hotel. I love the shapes of them. Little houses.
This is the restaurant in the hotel where we had breakfast. Its on the beach but has windows so the breeze isn’t too cold in the morning.
Some of the hotel’s gardens.
I said we went to the Golden Zone to spend some time walking around. Depressing. The only people in this arcade were us and the shop owners.
Just one of the many, many closed stores and restaurants. So sad.
And we went back to the used books store with some trade ins so we got 13 new, for us, books for US$2 apiece. That will keep us busy for a while. By the time we get back here in January we’ll be ready to trade them in.
Last night we went to Fat Fish – the BBQ Rib place. Yum – brought enough home for tonight’s dinner! And we must have just missed George of Tioga and George as he had dinner there last night too.
Then we went to Centro Historico to see what was going on. The whole area was very busy. If we had not found a brand new parking lot we’d still be driving around looking for a place to park. Both Plazas were crowded. The main Plaza across from the church was full. A lot of activities going on there. From popular singers to dance groups. The church was open and beautifully decorated. Didn’t take any pictures in there.
Then on to the Plaza Machado – All the lights are up and lit. A couple of views of it.

We saw a couple of young girls all dressed up for their 15th birthday parties. One of them.
And on the stage set up at one end this group was practicing. Kind of surprised to see a Chinese dragon in Mazatlan. Watched them for awhile until the cold started to creep in. The festivities and show started after we left. Everything starts about 8 or 8:30 and on till late. Us old folks didn’t make it last night.

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