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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Earthquake, The Game, The Bakery and The Road

Sunday a.m.
First off I want to say we didn’t even know about the earthquake until we read about it on-line. We are over 500 miles as the crow flies from the area it was in.
Was listening to the news yesterday here and the government is raising the price of fuel – both gas and diesel and the price of a kilo of tortillas. That puts diesel to about 2.86 dollar a gallon – still better than US.
Took this picture just because it was there. Looking out one of the windows of Alfie into the back of the campground.
Ron this is for you
Yesterday was for the most part an uneventful day. Did some laundry – LOVE having the washer/dryer here in Alfie. And some –very little - cleaning. Then we went to the Marina to a small pizza place to watch the “soccer game of the year” El Classico – from Spain. Barcelona, the team we like, won the game.
Just a very small part of the Marina
We had whole wood oven baked pepperoni pizza and drinks and watched TV for $15. With the marina in the background. Nice afternoon. Warm but with a nice breeze.
No plans for today yet.
The other day when we went to Copala we stopped first in Malpica at the bakery.
It was open and OMG OMG OMG the delicious rolls we got.
Trying to make up our minds
Just out of the oven!
Bought one – between us we ate it in seconds. Bought another. I ate most of it so then we bought more to take with us. No butter for them though as she was just churning it. To get to the bakery we have to go through the living room of the house past the door to one of the bedrooms. The working part of the bakery is small. The huge wood burning oven takes up most of the space.
Taking pans of rolls out of the oven.
Looking into the oven – the orange on the far right is burning wood.
Putting more pans in the oven.
We ended up buying even more stuff. It is so good.
Then on up the highway further was this furniture factory. The town of Concordia is known for its furniture. And yes they make really nice furniture there. The guy on the right is working on a big table of some sort.
This one is working on a coat tree.
Continued on up Highway 40 the road to Durango. It is a very twisty turny road but good if there isn’t too much traffic. It is the main truck route between the coastal cities and Durango. A little of the traffic.  The man walking is common. Two semis and a pick up and us. Double yellow line down center of road.
White semi passing gray semi – notice the yellow roof on the right. Remember this is a very curvey road. There is about 300 feet of passing area.
A few seconds later – we are still not up to the yellow roof. The white semi just made it in front of the gray one when the truck coming our way came into sight. A common occurrence – that’s why we don’t take the free roads in the motorhome.
Also sharing the road with us – he had a couple of friends with him too. About a foot to the right of the animal the ground drops off. Lots of roadside crosses and memorials on this road. Some with pieces of the vehicle still there.
Turned off the highway into Copala and had to stop until he decided he would look up and move.
Will continue writitng and posting pics of Copala later. Have lots of pictures.

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  1. Wow seems like you too know Mexico very well, take care.

    Alicia (Saunders) Pizano