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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trip through the Jungle on a Boat

Wednesday a.m.
Yesterday, Tuesday, was really really busy! We took the jungle boat ride through the manglares – the mangrove forest, then we went up to the old fort and when we got home we watched some guys with a motorized hang glider. Almost wore my camera out. So this will mostly be pictures with a little commentary thrown in. John and Carol our friends from Idaho and George went with us on the ride.
I’ll say right off the pictures don’t do it justice. We were lucky in that we went early in the morning – well early for us – 9:30 well before any of the other boats were out. But the sun was kind of hiding behind hazy clouds so not as much sunshine as I would have liked for the photos. Getting ready to leave. If you click on the picture it will set up a slide show of sorts with the image quite a bit bigger.
Heading into the manglares. The water in most places was clear enough to see the bottom and the vegetation over hung the banks and formed tunnels for us to go under.
Saw lots of birds. They are so majestic looking. Seemed to be posing just for us.
The roots? growing off the trees into the water. I think there is a bird there too.
The boat was slowly moving through the still water when the boatman stopped and put the engines in reverse. He pointed to a couple of dead trees. THERE WAS A COCODRILO! A real live wild one. Okay so he wasn’t very big but he was there. The boatman said he was always in this same area.
Another type of bird. As you can see I don’t know birds, can’t name them just take pictures of them.
And just below this bird this nice snake rested on the branches. He was hard to get a picture of – took me a long time to focus in on him.
The water was very smooth and the boat motor quiet so listening to the all the bird calls was great. All that was missing was soft flute music. Then we went around a bend and saw these. They look big enough that you could spend a night in them. Awesome thought.

Some of the trees and other vegetation. So eerie.
Loved the roots on this tree. They looked like some kind of monster rising out of the water.

Lots of bright green plants with white flowers on them. Some kind of water lily we thought.
An air plant. We saw a lot of them, some of them almost as big as the boat!
Another inhabitant of the area.
Caught this one in flight.
Suddenly George broke the silence – “There’s a croc over there.” The boatman slowed down, backed up and sure enough another crocodile – this one bigger. More pictures.
On down? up? the waterway and we interrupted this dispute between two birds.
More pictures of the fantastic vegetation. Big ferns growing here.
Trees growing out of the water.
A whole area filled with bright green ferns.
And our stalwart spotter George did it again. Another croc. The biggest yet. And he opened his mouth for us.  A WOW moment.
Further on we spotted a big bird in a tree.
The boatman stopped so we could take pictures. As we were snapping away Carol suddenly said – “There’s an iguana there. Next to the bird.” Sure enough. They blend in with the trees so well.
Nice blue water at the crocodile sanctuary. Of course we had to stop there and check it out. 10 pesos each to go in. Worth the price.
A baby croc resting on a rock in the lagoon.
One of the big ones behind a fence. They almost look dead they are so still.
My finger touching the tail of one of them that was close to the fence. His other end was far away. They just feel cold and the tail is very hard.
George touching one of his front legs. I touched there too – felt cold and scaley and squishy. And he moved his leg as we touched it.
In a cage was this beautiful jaguar.
Always food for sale any place you go in Mexico. This group just got out of a couple of boats and are buying pastries before checking out the crocs.
Back out on the water. These are cactus type plants growing on the tree.
Just a view of the beautiful scenery. Real jungle.
Heading back through the tunnels of vegetation. A couple of times we all had to duck. I’m sure glad we got an early start. Our boatman took us on a very slow ride going in.
Coming out we met several other boats going in and they were setting up big wakes. I don’t think they had as nice a time as we did.
Our boat and boatman. I’m so glad we took this trip – it was great.
So enough for this post. Unless the telcel is working fast it will take a while to post it. Then later I’ll post about the fort and church and still later about the hang gliding (no I didn’t try it - they weren't offering rides- just doing a commercial of some sorts.)

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