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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Trip to the Malpica Bakery and Concordia

I get so angry when I read peoples comments about how unsafe Mexico is. And they have never been here. My gosh doesn't anyone read the US papers about the violence there. I see a rapper was killed - a family was killed, a school was shot up etc. etc. etc. I feel just as if not more safe here then I'd feel in any big city in the US.  Off my soap box.
This morning we did some last minute shopping before we leave for Aticama tomorrow. Went to Sam’s Club! It was packed. This past week the Mexicans got their year end bonuses anywhere from two to four weeks salary. Lots of Christmas buying going on. And we ended up not getting anything. The only money we spent was for parking. The Sam’s Club here has pay parking. Last year it was 4 Pesos this year 7. From there we went to Mega which is just across the street. Mega is a beautiful market that sells everything from tomatoes to TVs.
Right now Bill is out side cleaning off Alfie’s windshield and putting stuff away. I need to remember to straighten out the pan cupboard so they don’t rattle around while driving.
So where were we? Oh yes. Yesterday we drove up to Malpica again to replenish our bakery goods. 50 mile round trip for rolls. But they are so good. This old man is always sitting on the same curb there. Just passing the time.
Next time we come here this house will be sporting a new coat of paint.
The narrow streets in town some times pose problems for drivers. A real “Mexican stand off” – the black truck ended up backing up so we could get by.
An old old house much in need of repair. Old time construction and many different colors of paint.
From Malpica we continued on up to Concordia. Before reaching town we detoured to see if the laundry ladies were working. Sure were. This is a natural hot springs where concrete “washing tubs” have been built. Also a roof overhead for shade and lots of clothes lines strung in the trees. What looks like trash are plastic bottles waiting for collection for recycling.
Laundry Ladies of Concordia
A closer look at one of the ladies.  The “tubs” have washboards built into them to help with scrubbing.
See the big white bag on the handle bars of the bike. This teenage girl was delivering more laundry to be done. The bag is full of clothes to be washed. Once dried they are put back into bag and delivered back to house they came from.
On into Concordia to the main plaza where the townspeople were setting up a life sized Nativity scene. A guy was supervising and the women were putting up the palm fronds.
Some of the Wise Men – remember they are life sized – gives some idea of how big the rocking chair is. Concordia is known for its furniture making. See the plaster sheep and little turtle.
Concordia Furniture
We walked around town some looking in the stores and at the buildings. The white truck turning the corner had to go back and forth a couple of times to make it around the corner.
Noticed this rock trim on the top of one of the buildings. Interesting.  Different colors of rock make a design.
Interesting murals on the side of another building. They all tell part of the history of the area. The peasant farmers, the Indians and Padre Hidalgo and the Virgin of Guadalupe.
The next block over was this building – I love finding these murals – they are so great.
Looking up. The older building and the church from the early 1700s and the modern wiring of today. I think I prefer the old more than the new.
We always enjoy walking around the older less touristy towns. See and learn so much. And the people are so friendly and willing to stop and talk to you.
Tioga and George have left Mazatlan – he came by to visit us yesterday but we were out and about. Will see him in Aticama tomorrow.
Tonight we’ll be going out to dinner – probably at the Plaza Machado to see what is going on over there.

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