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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Short Visits to Malpica and Concordia

Sunday a.m.
Today is a good day to stay in the campground. The big marathon is running right through town and all the roads surrounding the area are closed. The sun is out today not so many clouds as yesterday.
Here is a picture of the photo on canvas that we bought at the Art Walk. So pretty and so easy to do. A little Photoshop and print on canvas.
We have a new addition to the campground – right up front is a vendor selling Mexico made items. He has some of the lovely wood carved and painted furniture. Will take pictures later.
And wonder of all wonders I think we have finally gotten rid of those darn little moths we brought from home. Haven’t seen any in a couple of days. Or maybe they are just hiding and reproducing somewhere. Sure hope not.
Yesterday Saturday we took a short ride inland to Malpica and Concordia. We have to take Mexico 15 through part of Mazatlan to get there. Last year this whole area southbound was under construction. Horrible to drive through. Lots of dirt and big big potholes and traffic was a mess. We wondered what they were building. Well this year much to our surprise there is a completed overpass – going south – northbound is still under construction. It is really nice – completely miss a busy shopping area.
In the little town of Villa Union these people were discussing something while waiting for the bus. Notice the Christmas shopping bag.
Our first stop was in Malpica to go to Bill’s favorite bakery. Horrors! It is closed on Saturday – no fresh bread for us today. We went there several times last year. Have to go through the living room to get to the bakery part.
This house caught our attention – it was so bright it was hard to look at.
Another newly painted house – notice the shaped trees.
A little patient burro waiting for something to do.
She is sweeping the street in front of her home. We see this all the time.
Left Malpica and continued on up the road to Concordia. Stopped to see a friend of ours on the way but he had gone to town. The busy main street going into Concordia.
The town was founded in 1565 by Francisco de Ibarra. Most of the towns around the area were founded by him. A busy man. One of the older buildings there.
San Sebastian church. It was founded in the late 1500s – one of the oldest in the State of Sinaloa.
Notice the eight alcoves where usually statues of saints stand are empty. After Mexico defeated Spain the local townspeople removed them as they were all European saints placed there by the Spanish.
This part of the church is newer. Says something about 1785
The villagers also cut of the heads of these statues to show their victory over the Spaniards.
Bill giving one statue the loan of his head.
Across the street from the church is the Plaza with it pretty green and white Gazebo. The panels on the lower part show the history of the area.
While walking down the street I happened to look in one door and this is what I saw. The mural on the back wall attracted me first then I realized I was looking at a big camel – next to him is an elephant. Don’t know what or why.
Looking down a narrow side street at some of the colorful homes. Lots of electrical wires running everywhere.
A couple of the stores right around the plaza. The sidewalks are high because at the time they were build there was no control of the surrounding rivers and flooding was common.
Out shopping.
There was a gathering of older men and women going on in the plaza that of course we had to investigate. Very interesting. Next post will cover it as I need to get Bill to explain it to me again. Also want to include something that happened here in Mazatlan to a couple from Indiana.

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