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Monday, December 12, 2011

I Feel Lazy this Morning

Had a good nights sleep but just feel lazy and not like writing this morning. I have most of the pictures from Copala ready to go - - so I guess just check back later.
We are going out to breakfast this morning with another couple from the campground. Then later today Angelica is coming over to visit.
Last night I saw one of those darn moths flying around in here again. I hope its a male and doesn't reinfest us. We were both chasing it but didn't catch it. Grrrrr.....
Well thought I'd post what I have done. And will finish the rest after breakfast.
Back to our trip to Copala Friday. Just getting into town. Narrow cobblestone streets and colorful homes. The lady walking up the sidewalk is a character! More about her later. Tom you might recognize her!
We stopped at the main plaza or plazuela (little plaza) and parked so we could visit with friends there. One of the “orchid” tree in bloom. The ones I’ve seen before have had light pink and purple flowers on them. This is dark rose. Very pretty. But you can’t pick them for a bouquet – they die almost immediately.
A bee in the flowers. There was a hummingbird buzzing around too but couldn’t get a picture of it he was moving too fast.
One of the old colorful homes, lots of layers of paint through the years. Grass growing off the roof. This is right across the street from our friend’s art studio.
The second story of another house.
This time I went in the old mining museum. Not much to it. Just a very very old building of two rooms and some old equipment.
It was cold and damp in there. The walls are about three feet thick.
Ladies of the town all dressed up and out for a stroll.
Some of the tile work for sale at the tourista store there.
Another blooming tree – I think it is a mimosa. Sure has bright orange flowers.
While in talking to our friend Alejandro we heard a big BANG! Then some pop pops! I went outside to investigate. School was out and the kids were playing with fireworks. Some big ones and regular firecrackers. The little boy in the white shirt has the matches and the girls are fascinated and adoring.
Lighting the match.
She wasn’t going to get close.
Getting ready to set more off. I love his smile.
And this boy is the one with the big firecrackers – the kind that go BANG instead of pop.
So will stop for now and go out to eat. More about Copala and the lady later.

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