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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day spent wandering around Mazatlan - Burros and Music

Still Saturday
Have a load of laundry going so will work on this again. Finally got two of the videos upload – took forever.
Thursday we just spent hanging out around Mazatlan. Nothing planned just roaming. Driving down the Malecón we watched the ice being delivered to the restaurants that are on the beach. The truck drives up and stops, the driver gets out and pulls the ice out. And if you’re behind him you stop too. Traffic is heavy here.
He leaves it on the sidewalk for the people in the restaurants to come up and pick up.
As we continued to drive along the shore we were surprised to see that the divers were out. This one is just climbing out of the water. Since the cruise ships stopped coming here the drivers aren’t out often.
In the Centro Historico the trees are all kept trimmed. Working on one side of the street.  That’s another ice truck going down the narrow street.
This building is right across the street from where we always park. I knew it was restored but didn’t realize until we came by here the other night that it is a very modern and expensive jewelry store.

It’s strange to me anyway but a lot of the buildings we pass during the day seem to be empty but when we come by them at night they are all open with businesses. Doctors, dentists, clothing, computer, gyms – all are shuttered during the morning and early afternoon hours. But evenings they are all open. It’s a whole different area at night. Lots of people walking around doing their business. I guess it makes sense to be open when people are off work.
Another building that has had a face lift since last year. It was for sale – I wonder if someone bought it.
And this home looks like it was just painted. Interesting paint job. Easy to describe which house was yours.
Looking down at the sidewalk I noticed this fancy tile edging the regular tile. Always see something interesting if you look. Bill is forever having to stop and wait for me to catch up with him as I've stopped to take a picture of something I found.
Over in the main plaza the little black burro was having himself a good time. Repair men were working on repairing his pen. Mama and friend were still in the pen looking bored. Sometimes we're just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
This grandpa and his granddaughter were watching with interest. He kept trying to put her on the burros back but neither was interested in that. (See video in previous post.)
Around two side of the main plaza are shoe shine men and this year I noticed some of them also repair shoes. This gives a whole new meaning to replace the sole. He is using a hack saw to remove old sole from this pair of black high heels.
Last year I wrote about the old Casa de Haas that was being restored/repaired to be a museum about the Carnaval de Mazatlan. It didn’t open last year while we were here. So we went to check on it.
Still isn’t open as a museum but it is being used for other functions and is completely restored. As we neared it we heard music and peaking in the door we were surprised to see a couple practicing ballet.
As always when Bill meets someone we get a lot of information. And we were invited in to look around. While we were there the telephones lines were being stalled and the Museum will be opened after this year’s Carnaval. Don't have a picture of him but the ballet instructor was originally from North Carolina. Took a walk around the building while Bill was talking to him. Just one of the rooms – the ceiling with new lights
And marble floor. They did a beautiful job restoring it.
Back outside heading towards the Plaza Machado we discovered something else to stop and watch. This guy is using a chisel and hammer to touch up this piece of sculpture. (Again see video previous post.)
Of course we had to talk to him for a while. Seems he is helping restore some of the pieces left to fall apart in an old art gallery. He is also working on the restoration of the interior of the building. It is supposed to open before Christmas. We’ll have to keep watching it. Very interesting looking inside – didn’t take pics.
On to the Plaza where the workmen were scurrying all over putting up Christmas lights. I kept holding my breath as these older men climbed this shaky ladder. Was glad when they finished the job on the gazebo.
When we came back at night they were still working putting lights in all the trees.
As we sat eating several Indian women came by selling hand made items. It is really hard to keep saying NO but if we bought something or gave to everyone who approached us we’d run out of room and money.
A couple of posts ago I put up a video of Valentinos at night changing colors. This is what it looks like during the day.
Sunset from the campground Thursday night.
And the moon rising.
Back over to Plaza Machado for dinner in the evening to listen to the music. The band/orchestra was from Argentina and the music and singer’s voice were great. Pretty good crowd for the concert but not that many in the outdoor restaurants.
Will try to load video of some of the music.

Wish I could have made the video longer but they get real iffy to load if they're too long. Well that load of laundry is finished and it's getting near time to go hunting for a TV that will show the game.
Luis, the barber, just came by. I told him Bill didn't need a hair cut then after he left I wished I'd gotten mine cut. Next week.
Also had someone else come by and offer to polish the head lights but we just had that done before we left home.

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  1. Enjoyed the music........and that sunset was so pretty !! How about Jeff? Is he still in Mexico and if so does he still do his blog? I love reading about Mexico ...have fun !!