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Monday, December 5, 2011

Time spent at the beach in Cerritos

Monday already
Nice day here yesterday until afternoon when it got windy and cold 70 degrees. Brrrrr
We went to the Cerritos area – just up the road from the RV Park we’re at. It is kind of gringo area but interesting as there are several little fishing boats that work out of there.
This truck had just been loaded with the days catch and was getting ready to leave. Broken windshields are a very common site here –
Several vendors were set up – this salesman seems to be sleeping on the job.
Looking down towards the water – the boat had just finished fishing and come in. They let the waves wash them onto the sand then the boat is muscled onto a dolly and parked up near the seawall away from the water. The dolly is just showing at bottom of picture.
Some of the boats that are done for the day.
The catch is put into big coolers that then have to be carried up the beach and stairs to the pickups or trunks of their cars. Then to market. We asked what they caught and got a big long list of fish - most we hadn't heard of.
Another boat coming in. Everyone wears those white rubber boots. Everyone – construction workers, fishermen, people who work in the central markets and guys just walking around. Wish I was the company that made them.
The water was pretty warm and very very clear.
We watched this young man for quite a while. When he finally lifted his head out of the water Bill asked him what he was doing. The answer, “Fishing.” He was catching little tiny fish with his hands. Don’t know what he will use them for – or if he was just doing it for fun.
Looking back towards the stairs and restaurants. Yes that is a restaurant. To the right of it is a shopping arcade and in front of it parking.
The big rock seawall is part of a very fancy RV Park – Cerritos. 
It is also pretty expensive and it had more RVs in it than all other parks here in Mazatlan combined! But most come here every year and pay (buy/rent) their spots for years. Some spots even have outdoor kitchens.
A closer look at the construction of the under part of one of the restaurants. Its been here at least five years that we know of – so it must work.
Looking north up the beach to a couple of the big fancy resorts there.
The one restaurant buys fresh catch from the fishermen. That is a bucket of lobster on the floor and the scale on the table for weighing them. He was nice enough to pick one up for me to take a picture of. This lobster is about three years old. They grow about 100 grams a year.
Along one side of the road is a shopping arcade. Stores and restaurants. Most of the people walking around were from the RV park. The funny part is – all the merchandise was priced in US dollars not pesos.
From there we went to the Soriana – a nice grocery store right in the middle of the city. They already have Christmas trees for sale. They smelled so good. Also bouquets of flowers.
And the panaderia – bakery section. The pastries in the lower left hand side of the picture are orejas – the ones I love. Used to call them “cow flops”  or "elephant ears" in the US.
Outside in the parking lot were several “pititos” the guys with the whistles who help you park etc.
Yesterday morning there was a marathon here. The trash from the water containers was a foot deep. By early afternoon it was all cleaned up. The streets here are always this neat and clean.
Just some of the hotels and time shares and condos built along the beach in the northern area – newer area – of Mazatlan. The RV Park is just up the road.
One of wood carved benches the vendor at the front of the park has for sale. Love it but it is glued together. If it was screwed so we could take it apart it would end up living in Indiana.
Discovered something else missing from Willie –Bills binoculars. Added to the list.
As I write this Bill is just finishing his last egg bagel - no more until we get back to the US.

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