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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Come to Mexico! It is beautiful here!

Thursday a.m.
As I mentioned we started out yesterday by walking across the street to the Torres VI Hotel for breakfast in their lovely restaurant right on the beach. Bill had an omelet that he said was delicious. I stuck with scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries. We asked one of the servers about how the year was going for the hotel. He said they are at about 90% full but that some of the other hotels are only 60%. And a lot of the smaller ones are really hurting.
Came home and did a load of laundry while waiting for Angelica. She and her family are leaving for Christmas in the states so we won’t see her until after the New Year.
After she left we went looking for the used book store and actually found it. Lots and lots of books. If you trade one in you get another one for half price. So today we are going back with a bag of books we’ve read.
Walked around the area just looking in the tourist shops. Nothing we need or wanted. Well I take that back we did buy some saffron to take home. About half of the shops were closed and very few people walking around. And this is right on the main street with all the hotels.
Then we made a mistake and drove over to the Golden Zone (the big tourist zone) and for the first time ever we found a parking place on the street right away. We both wish we hadn’t gone. It is so depressing. Went out to the beach and only about 20 people out there for as far as I could see in both directions. No parasail boats. Not even any vendors – well there was no one to sell to. Walked around a little bit – we were the only people walking around. I’d say more than half almost three quarters of the stores and restaurants have closed. Like walking through a ghost town. We were talking to one shop owner who said she hasn’t made a sale since September but she still has to keep paying her rent. It used to be such a busy area.
A lot of talk on the TV about the governor of the state trying to talk to the cruise lines so they will start stopping here again. I sure hope so for the citys sake. They still stop in Acapulco and even we wouldn’t go there ‘cause there are so many problems.
Oh oh the sun just went behind a big black cloud. Wonder it its going to rain. We have errands to do today to get ready to leave Sunday for Aticama.
Well that was kind of a downer post. I wish I could send this to every person in the US to let them know what they are missing by staying in the north. The people here are wonderful.

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