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Friday, December 23, 2011

Some pictures of the El Chaco Hotel and RV

Saturday a.m.
Forgot to mention that we also went to WalMart before leaving Tepic. I even found canned artichokes! And black tea.
Sitting here using my Telcel stick and sending out Christmas Cards – we don’t have phone service here on the beach so the cards will have to do. Also doing laundry – never ends. Just finally finish the last load and we have more dirty clothes…..where do they all come from?  We have a washer/dryer combination here in Alfie. I put the clothes in and they wash, rinse and then dry. If I use the 3-in one sheets I don't even have to remember to put in a fabric softener. The only draw back is it takes almost three hours for a load to finish. But then who really cares.
While at WalMart we bought the ingredients to make empanadas -well the hamburger and ground pork already have everything else. We got the outer dough in Vegas. So anyway thought I’d make them for Christmas day. Will see how good the oven here in Alfie works. Got to remember to take the stuff we store in there out before I lite it.
Yesterday we didn’t much of anything. Put up our little Christmas tree.
That's my iron wood carved lion next to the base of the tree.
While the laundry was doing its thing I took a walk around the campground taking pictures of course. Thought I’d share some of them with everyone. This is a beautiful campground right on Matanchen Beach just north of Aticama and south of San Blas. It’s called El Chaco Hotel & RV.
A lone horseman riding up the beach
Here is a panoramic view from the beach. Us, the hotel, the pool area behind the palm grove.
The palm grove and grass with the hill that separates us from Aticama in the background.
Another panoramic view – this one of the pool area.
The mushroom water fall in the pool.
Another one of the pools.
The hotel looking out towards the street. The driveway is chained closed at night. Yes we brought the Alfa down through it.
The restaurant. They have lots of sea food dishes
Looking at Alfie from the campground towards the beach.
We have full hook ups – sewer, water and 30amps electricity. There is WiFi available in the main office. We are paying 1200 pesos for eight days –why eight days? Because if you pay for seven they give you an extra day. Which at today’s exchange rate is US$11.00 a day.  Can you say “Paradise?” Here’s a link to their web page http://hotelelchaco.com/english/index.html
We’ve been 71 days on the road and driven the Alfa 3500 miles. Willie of course has also put on a lot of miles between towing and excursions.
I’m reading a book I downloaded from the Brown County Library – sure is cheaper that way. It's an author I've never read before but I really like his writing. He writes about a Chicago PI. Michael Harvey is the authors name. Also don’t think I can buy any when using Mexican WiFi. Will have to try one of these days.
Today probably won’t do anything special either. Tomorrow there is a big open air market in San Blas – might try to find it.

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