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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A visit to Tepic with George

Thursday a.m.
The sun is up over the mountain/hill but it is not really bright out. Lots of haze in the air. Today we will be taking it easy – I say now. Poor Willie needs a good washing and the laundry is piling up already. Should I do it here or should we take it to be done? That is the question.
Bill drug out from the under compartments and I set up our tiny Christmas tree. Can’t decide whether it looks cut or pathetic. Today I need to send out holiday greetings to a lot of people. But will have to hurry to get everything done as it is the shortest day of the year!
Yesterday, Wednesday, was busy and active. We picked up George early and headed up the mountain to the city of Tepic. The road up is amazing – the scenery outstanding for the passengers. For the driver it is not quite so wonderful. I think the only straight stretch of the road is about 500 feet long. The rest is all curves. Between a couple of curves we passed this little Chapel.
One of the sections of the road that is completely covered by trees.
Met him on the way. Those are banana plants growing along the road.
Then through the town of Jalcocotan. It is several blocks long but only a couple of blocks wide.
Glanced in the church as we passed and Bill was nice enough to go around the block so I could take a picture. Looked like it was decorated for a wedding.
On up the road to the fruit stands. Stopped and bought some tangerines.
Then finally on into the busy city of Tepic.
First order of business was finding parking. We always park in the same little lot right across the street from the main plaza. But as we tried to pull in a couple of cars were backing out. Bill started to pull away but the lot attendant told us no, no wait it was okay. About 10 minutes later after several cars had been moved and the attendant got in Willie to park it we were ready to explore. Yes that’s right The Driver let another person squeeze Willie into a space. Talk about lots of maneuvering both to get into the space and later out of it.
Once out of the parking lot we strolled into the center of Tepic, across the plaza and its many shoe stores and on to the side street where the Huichol Indians gather to sell their stunning jewelry and handicrafts. It as always was a busy place. One side has regular little stores, a lot of them selling clothes and toys for children. On the other side the Huichol men and women sit behind their display tables working on their beading.
George contemplating another bracelet and some of the dolls. The little dolls in the front row actually cover bottles of hot sauce. Behind George you can see a woman bending over her beading.
Bill talking to one of the women we always buy yarn art from. They are in the process of making a “deal.”
This young woman is taking a break. She is eating a piece of peeled and cubed sugar cane. Great energy booster. The bags hanging next to her are all embroidered – the inside is as beautiful as the outside.
The big Central Market is right next door so of course we had to go in there and look around. Lots of stuff for sale.
And even music. Maybe not real good but music none the less.
Want to make menudo? Here is the necessary ingredient –cow stomach (I think.)
Back outside walking around the plaza. He played pretty good. Mom, brothers and sisters watch and listen.
Lots of stuff for sale in the plaza too. Especially the colorful plastic children’s toys. Almost every kid was pulling one around behind him.
Well sex sells even here in Mexico. This is a Telcel kiosk in the plaza. The girls are talking the gentlemen in the cap into a blow up container type thing. After he got in the air was turned on and money blew around in it. If he could catch it he could keep it. Guess he got a little bit cause he was grinning when he got out.
After watching that we went for lunch. As you can see we had a good Mexican meal – Burger King! 2 Whoppers, 2 small fries, and 2 small cokes 134Pesos = almost 10 US dollars. Not cheap. And the restroom surprised me – unisex – with both a toilet and a urinal. The sink was outside in the hall and the water didn't work! This is very unusual for actual restaurants. George and Bill waiting for our food.
Back out on the plaza. Lots of stores on one side and shoe shine men on the other. Some day Bill says he is going to wear his boots and get them shined.
Last year when we were here I took pictures of the pretty plastic trees that lined the main street. Each flower has a light bulb in it. This was last year’s picture. Flowers were pretty and pink.
This is this year’s picture of the trees. Could not believe the difference. Got close and checked it out. They are just covered with grime. A good idea that didn’t work out right.
Again a picture from the plaza – The modern – a big tree covered with CocaCola decorations right in front of the old Cathedral.
A Huichol musical troupe waiting on the street.
A little girl patiently waiting while her mother tends a food cart.
We had to take George into the government building to see the fantastic murals on the ceiling. This is just one very little part of them. Someday maybe I’ll do a whole blog on just murals we’ve seen. Some of them are spectacular. And we find some in the strangest places.
After walking our feet off we headed towards home. We are the tiny white square almost in the middle of the picture. Ms Tioga is the smaller– almost invisible -tan square to the right of us – just above the cresting wave.  Rough life huh?
Well I’ve started doing the laundry so guess that answers that question. And so far the beach is still deserted. Until January the 6th all the kids are out of school and a lot of workers are on vacation. So lots of city folk come down here to enjoy the beach and weather. The telcel card is working very slow today. Don't know what it's problem is. Maybe I wore it out posting pictures. But at least it is working so I shouldn't complain should I?
Some of the pictures are a little dark cause I don't use the flash a lot. Don't want to disturb people.
Wonder if I'll get sick. I just ate a piece of banana bread that had been sitting around for awhile. While eating it I wondered why it didn't taste as good as it did before. I was down to the last bite when I noticed the mold on it. Ducky! Just penicillin right?

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