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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Things and Christmas Scenes

Tuesday a.m.
I am going to really try to write some sort of update to the blog everyday. Sometimes maybe two a day – if I have a lot to say.  So check back daily to see what I have to ramble about or what pictures I have to share.
Right now Bill is cooking breakfast – scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes, chorizo Español and a little bit of mild salsa. Smells good – tastes good – looks terrible. It will keep us going till tonight.
Monday we just kind of ran errands again. First we picked up Bill’s jeans from the seamstress. We bought them at home but he never tried them on. They were too long and had to be shortened. Cost about US$7 for both pairs. Why are pants called pairs? Easier than me doing it at home.
Then over to the Centro Historico and passed this building that had just been repainted. One of the things that I love about Mexico is all the color. Notice the rag hanging on the car parked in front of it. The car was in the process of being washed by one of the guys who works the street – finding you a parking space and washing your car while you’re shopping. They do a great job.
Then to the shop to pick up Bill’s sunglasses. The optometrist was busy with another customer but when he saw us he went to the back and grabbed Bill’s glasses. Bill took them and put them on – “What the he!!. Everythings RED.” He walked outside and came back in laughing. “Everythings really, really red.” I was about to say something about rose colored glasses when he handed the glasses to me. I looked through them – holy moley! It was like looking through very red cellophane. The optometrist took them – looked through them. The look on his face was priceless – his mouth actually dropped open. Many apologizes later we left the shop laughing – they will be ready later today. And they will be dark gray.
Right across the street is the main plaza and they are getting ready for the Christmas season. A couple of years ago they had a really neat tree made of plastic bottles filled with colored water but last year and this year they have a Coca Cola Tree – not near as pretty but probably helps defer the expense.
There is also a tree in the courtyard of the government building. It is made of pots of poinsettias. I think it’s prettier.
On either side of the Coca Cola tree are Christmas scenes. One side has the Nativity Scene. Complete with a pond with a bridge to cross it and live animals.
A Manger with full sized figures. Notice the baby is not there – it is never added until December 25th. 
There are babies there though. Mama and baby goat. He’s getting a snack.
And Mama and baby burro.
On the other side of the tree is a winter Santa scene. Another pond and bridges, Santa’s house.
And snowmen and reindeer.
The reindeer are live bushes and their foliage will keep growing. Should look different in a week or two.
The joys of having nothing pressing to do. We stopped for a while and watched these two pigeons taking a bath in a puddle. Looked like male and female. You know simple things amuse simple minds.
From there we went in and out of some of the big stores. Especially the yardage stores. This is a picture of old fashioned oil cloth. Several colorful rolls of it stacked on a table.
Bill bought some felt for his projects. Very inexpensive here. He got 12 yards for US$15.
Walked around the central market a bit. But didn’t buy anything.
didn't even take any pictures of the piggy snouts or the chicken feet.
After leaving there we went to the beautiful Mall closer to the Golden Zone tourist area – This year it seemed to be busier than it has been in the past. More of the stores are open. Went to the food court and had Chinese food. Had orange chicken. I love the noodles. Each meal comes with a bottle of Jasime Tea – want it or not. Actually tasted kind of good I thought – Bill screwed up his nose at it and gave me his bottle.
While there he got a replacement for one of Willies stickers. One thing at a time. Had to put it on right away. One down four or five to go.
Spent the rest of the day at home. Playing on computer, watching Mexican TV and reading.
The owner of the campground was telling Bill that he is barely making expenses but with things the way they are he can’t sell it. Don’t know whether it is the economy or the news but everyone here is hurting. The ships don’t stop here anymore and that put a lot of the vendors, taxi drivers and tour guides out of work. Several restaurants – one being Applebee’s – have closed and a lot of the stores in the Golden Zone are empty. It’s really sad.
Just saw two big rabbits running across the campground.

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