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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Years to Everyone

Today is our 47th Anniversary – lots of roads traveled through the years. Literally and figuratively.
We had a very quiet last day of the year. Figured it was a good day to stay off the roads including the beach used as a road.
But I’ve told my first lie of the New Year – eek! We did go into Aticama for short visit and bought some pollo asado (grilled chicken) its very tasty but looks kind of funny.  The chicken is split down the front and spread out and flattened cook. Kind of looks like it has been hit with a very big sludge hammer – splat. When they sell it to you you can have it whole or they will chop it up for you. If you want it cut up they lay it on an old tree stump that is their cutting board and take a machete to it to chop it. Watch the fingers! We took ours whole.
Bill made Italian chicken salad for him and George for lunch.
And he bought me more fresas con crème (this time I spelled fresas right – last time I spelled it fresca which means fresh - not strawberry) from one of the beach vendors. Now I have an extra one in the freezer for later.
Not as many people on the beach yesterday as we expected. But lots of auto traffic and horse rides. Last night the restaurant at El Chaco had a band that started playing about 7:00 – luckily with the windows closed it wasn’t too loud. But every once in a while they would stop playing and then shoot of fire works. Knew what was going on but still jumped in my seat.  Much preferred the music. Their song for ushering in the New Year? Had me laughing. Achy Breaky Heart! Guess they line danced into the New Year.
I stayed up long enough to finish my Vince Flynn book then took a sleeping pill and went to bed. Don't know if the fireworks kept up or not. Bill did frown when I asked him how he slept last night.
Sun is up today with just a little haze thrown in and so far everything is very quiet around here. Just the guys out cleaning the beach and two kids walking in the sand.
So glad none of the big celebrations had any problems last night.

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