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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Activity around El Chaco Rv Park

Saturday p.m.
We are getting ready for leaving for Mazatlan tomorrow morning. Putting things away, dusting the dashboard instruments and noise proofing the dishes, pot and pans. Bill is washing the front window – hard to see out through all the salt and sand on it.
There were some tourists here the other day from Germany. They shipped their RV to Canada, drove across Canada, went to Alaska, drove south to Baja and then crossed on the ferry to Mazatlan. After a two day stop here they are headed for Mexico City. They were not sure how far south they were going to go. So far they’ve been traveling a year.
Just found out from another camper here that the Ultra-lite plane of Chip had an accident. Not while he was in it but after he had landed in a field about 100 miles from here. A big wind gust came up, picked it up and smashed it down. The only parts left intact are the engine and landing gear. Sorry to hear that.
This Telcel Internet is weird. Again this morning there was no service – but eventually it starts working. Maybe it just isn’t a morning thing. But when it does start up for the first couple hours it is pretty fast. And tonight it is cutting in and out. Works for a few minutes then disconnects. Guess it is better than nothing.
Earlier I was watching out the window about six guys starting to rebuild the beach ramadas. It is an interesting process. First the support poles went up. This time they are using wooden poles that are then covered with a white outer pole then cement is poured around the bottom to secure them.
Then the beams on top were put up. They are tied with twine to the support poles. Machetes are used to cut the beams to the correct length and to cut the twine.
A truckload of new fronds was brought in and laid on the grass near the construction.
After the support beams went up the men climbed on top and started putting the new fronds on. One side was completely done by evening.
We went into San Blas for dinner at Tradiciones with John and Carol. As always the meal was very good. After eating we walked around a bit and got to see a procession coming up the street to the church. It is a celebration for the patron saint of San Blas. The fiesta will continue until February 3rd. Then there will be a blessing of the fishing boats out on the water.

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