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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in Mazatlan and I think Willie is paranoid now.

Sunday p.m.
The men who are replacing the palapas were at work bright and early this morning.
Well we finally left Aticama – went there for two weeks and stayed five – at 9:00 this morning.
We got to Mazatlan at 1:30 with one stop for gas during the trip. 192 miles. We came back a different way than we went so it added five miles to the trip – but was much easier way to go.
We bid farewell to the fine town of San Blas.
Instead of going back up the mountain over the narrow and twisty road [Highway 74]to the 15D we took a little longer but much easier driving route through the towns of Guadalupe Victoria and Villa Hidalgo then to the 15D. No twisty climb – just lots of topes.
Because it was Sunday vehicular and pedestrian traffic was pretty light – thanks goodness – going through the towns.
Just before we got to the Autopista we had to cross this bridge! We were bigger we got to go first.
Then on to the Autopista which is a very nice highway.
But another expensive trip. And since we came down this same road five weeks ago the tolls have gone up – by any where from 12 Pesos to 19 Pesos a stop – a little over a dollar. Everything else is going up so I guess it was only a matter of time. We spent US$77 for 192 miles – and part of that wasn’t Autopista – just regular roads.
It was a pretty day for traveling, blue skies, puffy white clouds and RAIN? All of a sudden we had big juicy rain drops on the windshield. Didn’t last long and was sure a surprise. Only for a mile or two and never heavy.
We were surprised when we pulled into Las Jabias RV Park – there are five other rigs parked in the back where we are usually all by ourselves. Also got another surprise – not the good kind. I guess Willie is paranoid now and doesn’t want to leave us again. When Bill went to take off the locking pin for the tow bar it wouldn’t come off. No way would it unlock. Just ducky….Tried and tried again – no luck. Finally had to hacksaw the pin and knock it out. So all is okay again. We are parked and Willie is drivable.
Went out to dinner at Fat Fish – for ribs of course. Have lots of leftovers for tomorrow. Then to the grocery store. Now just relaxing at home. Tomorrow is another day and we have a lot to do……Well a couple of things anyway. Need to really clean poor Alfie. And will try putting the satellite dish up to see if it will work. If it doesn't start working I'll have to call HughesNet and I really hate calling them. If they can't help me we at least still have the Telcel which works really fast here in Mazatlan.
Funny but it feels like we came home again. 

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