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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Bugs are Back !!!!

ARRRGGG! The little moth bugs are back. Killed at least five of them last night. Where are they coming from? They must have been hiding in a cupboard hatching. They are like having little spots before your eyes. You see them then when you get the swatter out you can’t see them. So again we look like nuts running around in here waving our arms.   
I’m up early this a.m. Was dreaming about walking somewhere and got a cramp in my leg. Woke me up! Had to stand up to get rid of it. And by then I was wide awake so its only 6 o’clock and I can barely see a rim of gray over the mountain.
AND the Telcel stick is being nasty – it will connect for only a few seconds then loses it connection. It was doing that last night too. How about when we’re born they just stick a WiFi chip connection type thing in our fingers. And then we’ll always be connected. Easier? Have to mention that to the government I’m sure they’d love that. Just KIDDING! (at 8:20 the Telcel started working. Don't know what the problem was - just as long as it works.)
Did I write that yesterday after having breakfast at the great little restaurant of Tradiciones Bill went next door to Todo de Pollo and bought some of the uncooked breaded chicken fillets? We separated them into meals and froze them. Quick easy good meal when we want one.
The guy with the ultra-lite is in the hotel next door, we saw him downtown a couple of days ago. Were wondering why we didn’t see his plane. Some how while driving to the hotel he lost one of the bags containing some of the parts of the plane. He thinks it dropped off the car roof (where he carries them)somewhere near here so he has offered a reward for it. And he has all the speaker trucks that run around the beach and town advertising for it. Sure hope he gets it back. Shoot! I was looking forward to another ride.
George and Ms Tioga have left for a trip to Tepic for supplies -
We are going to find a road we can see up in the hills. Don't know where it is from or where it goes. Should be fun.

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