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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quiet Day on the Beach

Tuesday a.m.
The gray skies of yesterday are gone and today we have bright sunshine and puffy white clouds in a pale blue sky. Probably going to be a warm day.
Our only plan for today is to take the laundry over to the hotel Casa MaƱana to be done. We have a lot of big stuff to do – jeans, sheets, bath towels and just don’t want to take all  that time with the machine in here. Also can’t run the dryer part while the air conditioning is on. Let’s face it – I like taking it in and getting it back all clean and folded!
WOW just read Georges blog – he is leaving here today and is serious about taking a bus trip to Central and South America. Go George! See link on side for his blog.
Evening now. It is cooling down nice outside. We picked up our laundry already – it’s nice to have it done. Two pillow cases stuffed full of laundry 160 Pesos US$12 - Worth it at any price.
George has already left for points south to see about storing Ms Tioga.
Downloaded another book from the library - and put two on hold so when they are available I'll be able to download them.

Not much else went on today.

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