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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Morning

Spent a very quiet day yesterday – Bill’s leg was acting up again. The extent of my ambition was to do another load of laundry and watch the last day of NASCAR testing at Daytona. I even got bored. Then a couple soccer games in the evening.
And for a Saturday the beach was almost empty. More vendors then people to sell to – down here by us anyway. And it was one of the hotter days here. Hot and humid. And the electricity was so erratic the air conditioner in here wouldn’t stay on. UGH.
Boy! I see we got a SS raise! It might even buy a breakfast once a month when we get home. Shame on me – I should just shush up and appreciate.
Chip is already up in his ultra-lite. Seems like this would be a nice time of day to go up. Not too hot and pretty clear.
Bill is making French toast for breakfast. I was sure I’d brought syrup with us but can’t find it…..guess sugar will have to do. Next time we go to a big market I’ll buy some as it is now sold here in Mexico.

A new RV came in yesterday and they have a couple of dogs who bark at every one who passes their RV.

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