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Friday, January 13, 2012

Recalculating again. Looks like we will be spending another week in Aticama. Our friends that we were going back to Mazatlan to meet won't be coming for another couple of weeks or more! So here we are.
This morning Telcel was having "technical difficulties" again and there was no on-line here in Alfie. If I get really antsy I can go over to the restaurant and use their wifi....so far haven't had to do that.
Did a load of laundry while watching NASCAR again. And found out much to my delight that we can run the washer/dryer and the air conditioning and the TV at the same time.
Right now Bill is making more chimichurri - parsley, onion, garlic, oilve oil and secret ingredients - its good on bbq and to dip bread in.
Saw a couple who spend winter in Las Jabis in Mazatlan they rode their motorcycle down to Puerta Vallerta and were headed back to Mazatlan. Stopped at restaurant here for breakfast.
Our friend Carol took a ride in Chip's ultra lite yesterday. She loved it. I took some movies of her and gave them to her this morning.
George and Ms Tioga are back over here on our side of the campground. And another couple from Colorado have pulled in. The beach has been pretty empty the past few days. Just normal car and truck traffic using the beach as a highway.

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