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Friday, January 6, 2012

A busy Friday from Morning till Evening

Friday p.m.
We had a really busy day today. A really fun day. Started out by going out to breakfast at Tradiciones. Some stores and restaurants here in Mexico put chairs or saw horses or signs out in the street in front of their establishments to keep people from parking there. However, if you know the owner or are going to go in there they come out and move the obstacle. So we always manage to park right in front of the place. They recognize Willie as we pull up and come right out to move the sign. This morning we had delicious omelets for breakfast. Bill and John talking to the owner telling him we’d see him tomorrow.
From there we walked a couple of blocks over to the Central Market to do some shopping. The market here is kind of small compared to what we are used to in Mazatlan. John looking over some produce. You are given a plastic bowl to pur your selections in.
We got some onions, green, red and yellow peppers. Also a dozen eggs - no carton. Didn't realize until today that the eggs aren't sold by the "how many" but by the kilo. After counting out the eggs they are weighed and the price figured. Eggs are 21 pesos a kilo - the dozen cost us 20 pesos or about US$1.45. I happened to notice this bicycle parked in the corner next to the bread and carrots. What ever works I guess.
Finished our shopping and headed for the campground. Fresh fish anyone?
Got back to the RV park and George was gone, he went up the hill into Tepic to do some major shopping at big stores.
We put away our purchases then took a ride up a small road through two little towns and into the middle of no where. It was great. More on that in my next post. It was too much fun to stick in the middle of this post.
After our jungle ride we came home again to recuperate. Especially dauntless Willie and the fearless Driver. After a bit Bill, Carol and I went back into San Blas to the main plaza for the La Rosca de Reyes celebration.  January 6th commemorates the arrival of the three Wise Men and is a very important day for the children. Here in San Blas the government provided a celebration in the main plaza with entertainment, piñatas and presents for the children of the area. After parking in front of the restaurant again we walked the two blocks to the plaza. The first thing we saw when we arrived there was the inevitable vendor of plastic pull toys. They are so colorful. He was settled in for the evening.
Then we watched as hundreds of balloons were strung up all around one part of the plaza. There was a big stage full of toys, rows of chairs and tables. The area was already crowded with parents and children.
Tables were covered in bright turquoise table cloths. Just after we arrived a pick up pulled into the area and cake after cake was brought out and set on the tables. There were also cases of fruit juice.
There was the stage in the front and a blow up plastic slide near the back. Lots and lots of chairs in between. The children had to line up and get a number and get their hands stamped.
Piñatas were brought out and set up in two places. Loved watching the children take swings at them. As one was destroyed another was brought out. Colorful pieces of piñata were everywhere.
This girl had a wicked swing. Unlike most piñatas these did not have anything inside of them. It was just for the fun of smashing them.
He was so serious. Each child got three swings then it was someone else’s turn.
This little one could have cared less. The bigger sister was also watching a young brother.
A very short video of the pinata.
After the piñatas were taken care of a there was a magic show. With lots of audience participation. And lots of laughter and music. By now the sun was going down and the lights in the plaza were coming on.
The old church across the street.
We left before the gifts were given out. We’d had a long day. I’m sure the celebration lasted a long time. There were a lot of children and a lot of gifts to give out and cake to eat. 
Just as we were leaving the plaza all the lights went out. And I mean all the lights in the town. And come to find out all the lights in the area including the campground which is about five miles from San Blas. The lights came back on just as we reached the car.  No big deal. (Well not then anyway.)
Bill cooked a delicious dinner for us. Red potatoes with butter and parsley and some of the breaded chicken filets with capers and lemon sauce. Double yum. He even did the dishes!  What have I done to deserve this?
And then the power went out again and is staying out……..Sure glad we have an inverter. Power came back on and then went out again - this time taking the Telcel connection with it. It's now about an hour later and I just got back on line. Kind of reminds me of Brown County!
So will hurry and post this and then work on the Pictures about our trip into the jungle earlier today.

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