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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lots of Bananas, Mangos and Papayas

Still Thursday
Wonder of wonders Bill got the air conditioning to stay on in the Alfa – feels soooooo good. We had gone into town to eat breakfast and when we got back here even with the windows open and the fan running it was HOT in here. So he fiddled around and managed to get it to stay on. Can’t run anything else at the same time – so the heck with the laundry it can wait.
Continuing yesterdays adventure. Bill headed up the road till we got to a sign saying La Libertad. There he turned off and headed into the hills. At the first tope we slowed down to watch a housewife come out to buy fresh tortillas from the boy on the motorcycle.
An interesting bright blue house at the outskirts of the town. The bird houses were full of little green birds.
As we got closer into the middle of town we passed many little stores. By little I mean really little – maybe 10’ by 10’ and stuffed full of things for sale. This was a variety store of sorts. For sure brooms and bananas for sale. Guarded by the little cat.
Continuing on up the cobblestone street – it looked like school had just let out. The thing in the middle of the street right in front of the car is a pigeon just landing or taking off. Didn’t realize he was there until I was looking at the pictures.
Passed this place – At one time it looks like it might have been a fancy place. Nothing much left but the front walls (kind of) and the metal gates.
It was getting hot and we’d been exploring for awhile so everyone was thirsty. Pulled over to a small abarrote and stopped so drinks could be purchased and consumed. Bill sat down on the curb to visit with a man outside of the store to find out about the town and its history. George joined Bill sitting on the curb. About then a whole slew of kids came walking down the street. They stopped to talk to us. The longer we talked the more children stopped to listen. Just a few of the kids and a man ridding by on his horse.
While they were talking I was wandering around taking pictures. Don’t know why there was a drawing of a pregnant woman on this building but took a pic of it.
Just a couple more old interesting places.

The man Bill was talking to told him that we could continue on up the road and where it forked take a left and we’d get beautiful views of the plantations. So away we went. Took the left fork – oh oh, soon the road just kind of disappeared. Luckily we hadn’t gone far – as he had to back out no where to turn around. A young man came running over to the car as we sat and contemplated the road –disappearing road in front of us – He told Bill that it didn’t go anywhere but if we go back and take the right fork we’d get to the plantations. While he was talking to us he was eating a juicy star fruit. When we asked him about them he showed us the tree they were growing on and pick a bunch for us. He said it was a great life when you could just walk up to a tree and pick lunch. Have to agree with him.
On the right fork we soon passed this rock wall and beautiful colorful bougainvillea.
Then a whole field of papaya plants. Lots and lots of papaya grow on one plant.
Looking out over bananas, mangos, yakas and papaya groves. As far as we could see.
The road was very interesting – all cobblestone for miles and miles. Up and down and back and forth through the hills. Can you imagine building it? I wonder how many men and how much time it took to build.
A few big trucks, some pickups and guys on motorcycles passed us. They were going back toward town. There was usually just enough room to pull over and let them go by. Then we were passed by this man and his burros.
Stopped to get a picture of this bunch of bananas in a plastic bag. Inside the bag was a sheet of newspaper over the fruit to keep it out of direct sunlight.
Down on hill and we found a little pond. Look at these philodendrons. They were huge and beautiful.
We continued on up the hill through the bananas.
Another bunch of bananas these in a paper covering.
Dusty Willie waiting for us while we take pictures of plants. 
Finally decided to turn around and head back to town. And who should we see but the man with the burros and the load of grasses. The bus had to pass very carefully as the other burro was on the other side of the road.
Every day sights in a small town.
Today after getting back after breakfast we didn't do much – just enjoyed the air conditioning – We have been trying to plan some up coming adventures - but everytime we say this day we'll do that - five minutes later we've changed our minds. Oh Well!
Just finishing up a load of laundry - have to fold it and put it away and it is done for a couple of days. When we get back to Mazatlan we really need to give Alfie a good cleaning.

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