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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life in Aticama - pictures

Tuesday a.m.
Well so much for good ideas! – didn’t do much walking yesterday – but did a little.
Bill cooked breakfast for everyone – Carol, John, George, me and himself. Then of course had to do some visiting too. So the morning slipped by.
I wanted to know how far we walked the day before.  So we took the car down across the sand, over the dirt road and up into Aticama to Wendy’s – the hair cutters place. Turns out it was not as far as I thought. It was almost exactly one mile there. So round trip we did two miles. Not much by most people’s standards but I'm ashamed to say for us it is pretty good.
The main street of Aticama just as the dirt road from the beach comes up to meet the paved road These are all restaurants – mostly serving oysters that are gathered right off the shore.
Our directions to Wendy’s were – when you get to the “chicken place” turn left. Well this is the “chicken place” It is an outdoor grill where chicken is cooked. The lady is just getting the coals to flames up. She is using an electric fan to hurry the process up.
And here is a picture of Wendy’s salon. She does everything including putting on false nails. Carol got her hair trimmed there yesterday too.
Stopped at the minisuper to get some eggs. This time we brought our own empty carton to put them in. Hadn’t noticed it before but there is a Yaka tree (from the breadfruit family) out front full of fruit. These things are so heavy it’s hard to believe they can stay hanging there.
We drove Willie over by the main plaza and parked to walk around a little. The plaza fronts up to the ocean. Just a few of the birds there. Seagulls, pelicans, herons and cormorants.
Also a small fishing fleet there. That’s who all the fish we see cooking come from.
They are working on their nets. It seems to be a never ending job.
So is this man. He was sitting in the rocks on an old piece of log all by himself working away.
A closer look at his hands, the net and his tools.
A tree that was interesting looking growing at the edge of the plaza.
He is watching the world go by. He is always here sitting on the sea wall.
Walked across the street to look into the church. It has been closed every time we’ve gone past it. I heard while in Mazatlan that the roof had caved in but looking in the windows couldn’t see any problems. This pickup was parked out next to it. Neat paint job
More fish restaurants on the other end of town. Seems there are more restaurants than anything here. Does anyone eat at home?
Some of their menu items
Heading back to Willie I saw this palm in the Plaza - Cute
Back to Alfie where we spent the rest of the day. Seems like each day is a little warmer than the last. AC is running more and more.
Oh, forgot, got up yesterday morning to no water from the park. Seems like someone – one of the workers here – filled the water tank yesterday. To fill it they shut off the valves leading to the campsite. Works fine when one remembers to go back and shut off the filling hose and reopen the valves. Thank goodness John knew where to go to fix the problem. –Yes we had water in our tank so there really wasn’t a problem – but guess one person here was running right off the water connection.
Bill called his friend - supplier – of hides in Guadalajara and the leather he had ordered is there waiting to be picked up. So guess on Thursday we’ll take a run into Guadalajara to pick it up. (If we can find the place again!)
Downloaded a couple more library books last night. Sure is handy. Time to post this and get on with todays adventures. Already saw something interesting today.....  


  1. love your posts! this is francis and weng enjoying the photos of the warmth and easy lifestyle of aticama. we miss it a lot and seeing the places we know so well makes life here in the frozen northwest a little easier. good on you! if you have the chance take a walk up to The Bird House (our place above the cemetary that Tioga George stubbornly calls Hilltop Home.)

  2. Thanks for the day to day posts,,,,If only I could talk my wife into making the trip down. But, after 48 years of wedded bliss (?)
    I think I will keep her.