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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Willie and Bill had problems - Alls well now

Sunday p.m.
Yesterday was a very quiet day around here. Both Bill and Willie were not feeling well. Glad we made it back here to Alfie on the beach before they got unwell.
Friday afternoon when we got back from Guadalajara all seemed well. Parked Willie out in front and unloaded all the groceries etc. All was good in the RV.
Bill went out and moved the car around the side – oh, oh there was a spot of oil on the ground. Look under the car – drips of oily type stuff. John and Bill discussed it – hopefully just the long drive and condensation…..put a piece of cardboard under Willie to make it easier to check the next morning.
By bed time Bill’s leg was giving him fits. So he took a pain pill – he hates to take them so I knew he was really hurting. – All night he was really restless.
In the morning the cardboard under Willie was really oil stained – problem! And Bill’s stomach was upset from the pain pill and lack of sleep. Any way – John and Bill talked to the owner of the RV park. He knows a good mechanic that takes care of all of their cars and trucks. So mechanic was called and came right over. Willie’s transmission gasket was leaking. The mechanic went to Aticama and San Blas – no gaskets – so someone had to make the drive up the hill to Tepic to Auto Zone.
So anyway – this morning Bill is feeling great and Willie is patiently waiting for his repairs.
Willie is all fixed! – new gasket and filter and fluid. 1100 Pesos or about US$85.00. coming back from a test drive.
So after the soccer game is over we’ll go into San Blas to see if Telcel is open on Sunday to extend our service. If it’s not open hopefully it keeps working until tomorrow.
Newly painted and lettered arch going into San Blas.  
Well - TIM- that is Mexico. We just got back from town. Not only weren’t any of the Telcel stores open the ATMs were taking the day off too. No money available at either one that is in town!!!!!!! But I did manage to pick up a voicemail that came in yesterday. It was from our credit card wanting to know why there was a charge for gas in Mexico.?!?!?  Before we left we told them we were going to be in Mexico for the winter. And for two months we’ve been using it here. WHATS THE PROBLEM??? Grrrr…..
And they go on and on and the cell signal kept coming and going so each time it went I had to start all over again with a new person. One of their questions was – where did you use your card for $38.17 on Dec 28th…….yah like I’m going to remember. So I said we’ve been in Tepic, Mazatlan, Aticama etc. etc.  So she said it was Tepic but where? Then she "gave me a hint" it was for groceries. Ah okay – Soriana or WalMart – Yes that’s it - WalMart. Then she wanted to call me back on the cell phone - I'd already told her the signal was coming and going. So any way after a few more questions she finally believed me. She said we’ll put an alert on your account that you are in Mexico - What happened to the alert that was already on it. No one knew of course. I HATE dealing with credit card companies. I know they are just protecting us – but shouldn’t they have done it a month or so ago?
So anyway that is taken care of until the next time. And Willie is running great and the campground is paid until January 30th. So I’m going to post this while I can and tomorrow we’ll go into town again to try the ATMs and the Telcel place. As I said TIM….
Just another picture this of the dress I bought in Guadalajara - that is all hand embroidered.
Remember there are 4 previous posts about our trip up there. The last one #4 is a video with neat sound and action. They are all below this post.

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