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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thursday morning bright and early
Just discovered there will be NASCAR testing on TV today - actually for the next couple of days. Might have to rethink our decision to leave here tomorrow!
The TV is MINE for a few hours today. I've got to get my fix.
I mentioned about a week ago that Chip the guy with the ultra lite was here but some pieces of his plane had fallen off his van so he was waiting to get new pieces. They came yesterday and right now he is assembling his plane. So will get pictures of it later. Even take another ride?!?
Hummm Ms. Tioga and George are gone. What's with that? 
Need to get ready to go into town for breakfast so I can be back at 11 to watch TV. 
Yesterday we checked out a different route back out to the 15D - the autopista and found it will be much better than the way we came in. No narrow curvy twisty road, just more topes going through the town of Villa Hidalgo.

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