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Friday, January 27, 2012

Daily Life around the Plaza

Friday a.m.
Yesterday we ended up going into San Blas for a little bit and I took some pictures of everyday life just around the main plaza.
But first … we went hunting for the new ATM the we were told about the other day. And after asking several people (who all gave us a little direction) we found it. It is on the main road to the Playa almost to the end. Just a little beyond the Coco Loco restaurant on the other side of the street. Just past the main gate to the Military installation. Here is a picture of it. It is kind of sunk back into the wall there. And it works wonderfully – fastest ATM we’ve ever used in Mexico. We were told it is never busy and never out of money. WOW
From there we went to the main plaza to go to the market. Most morning in the plaza free Internet service is offered. Including the use of the laptops. We’ve noticed that most of the plazas in the towns we’ve been in have free WiFi connections available in the them. But this is the first place we’ve also seen where the computers have been furnished. I think that is a great idea.
Just a couple of the townspeople going about their everyday business. Don’t know what she was carrying in the tub. Most of the older women always wear dresses, usually flowered prints.
Right past the central market is a little alleyway – down at the back of it is a produce store. The red and yellow building is a TV repair place.
Another older woman in her flowered print dress and apron. The aprons are always freshly washed and pressed. Notice the flip flops also very common. The jug in her left hand has the bottom cut off so it can be used as a funnel. She is talking to a couple of women sitting at the curb selling papayas and other produce.
The plaza was getting some maintenance. All the trees were being trimmed by men up on ladders with clippers and machetes. By the end of the day the palm trees will be cleared of old fronds and the other trees will be shaped.
As we continued around the plaza we noticed that this fountain had water in it. It is usually dry. The pigeons were loving it. We stopped to watch for a while. That is what you do in Mexico – just stop, sit and watch enjoying the life going on all around you – even if it’s just pigeons taking a bath.
A couple of really wet pigeons!
Heading back towards the car. The family is very important here. We see many generations together all the time. They are heading towards the Mercado Municipal doorway – central market.
She is tending her fish market. The fish are on a table covered with colorful oilcloth, the coolers are full of ice. She has her scale to weigh the purchase. The stand next to her is also selling fish and shrimp. All freshly caught.
There are bicycles everywhere. Sometimes, especially at night, there are 10 to 15 parked along the curb or lined up against a wall. They are used for everything. I’ve seen some with a Mother and three kids on them. Other carrying loads of firewood. Some with coolers strapped to the back.
There is always something to see in any small town.
Went out to dinner last night to Lucy in Aticama – saw this interesting beehive outside in a palm tree.
One thing that I’ve noticed here – all of the cooks in the restaurants are women. Where as at home most of the cooks are men And in the chain coffee shops they are usually Mexican men.
Today we’ll be starting to put things back in travel mode for an early departure on Sunday. And maybe take a ride down the coast a ways just to get out.
I mentioned that the palm fronds on the beach ramadas are in the process of being replaced. They are usually replaced every three to five years. A lot of course depends on the weather.

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  1. Thanks for answering about the palapa roofs :) Wow thats kind of neat for them to last that long