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Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Day in Mexico

It is a very overcast day today. Very gray and dreary skies behind the mountains. First thing this morning it was bright and sun shinny.
I heard some noise outside the RV and look out to see this man cutting down the weeds with his very sharp curved machete!
We, Carol, John, Bill and I went out to breakfast at a restaurant that John had heard about in Aticama. The name of it is Lucy.
It is about three blocks off the main road and we would never had found it without being told about it. We were the only customers there. They have tables outside and inside.
We sat inside in one of the three small rooms. I had a ham and cheese omelet with salad and of course refried beans, Bill had huevos Rancheros, John had birria (kind of a soupy beef stew) and Carol had scrambled eggs Mexican style.
We all had coffee – a cup of hot water with a jar of Nescafe. We were all pleased with our meals, very good. And only 199 Pesos for all of us – US$15.00 can’t beat that. They have a very varied menu and we will probably eat there again.
After breakfast Bill and I went into San Blas to renew my Telcel Internet account. We are learning that Telcel kind of makes up its rules as it goes along – or maybe it is the clerks who don’t understand the rules. When we first signed up we were given a "promotional" deal 6GB for the price of 3GB. And were told that whether we used them or not they would expire in one month. Well today they told us that the original 6 GBs wouldn't expire until Feburary 18. (So far I've used less than 1GB) This they told us after we'd paid for another 3GB. So the clerk says come Feb. 18 we have to go in to a Telcel store to activate the 3GB for March that we just paid for. What? Then why did we pay for it now? Because! No money back, no changing what was done. So hopefully they have a good computer system or we're out some money.
After leaving there we had to go to two ATMs before finding one that worked. While standing in line a passer by (who was not feeling any pain) told us there was a new ATM in town down by the beach that was always uncrowded and it worked much faster than the two we know about. But we forgot to check it out when leaving for home.
Then we walked up to the central market to buy some produce so Bill could make up a batch of his delicious spaghetti sauce. We'd bought everything but the fresh peppers when we shopped in Tepic the other day.
While perusing the Internet I read in our hometown newspaper that there was an ice storm in Nashville, IN the other day causing some overnight power outages. Don’t miss that.
Bill is making his sauce right now – smells so good – pasta tonight! George just came by for a visit – he is thinking about taking a bus through Central America. Would be quite a trip to take.

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