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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday a.m.
Oops! Forgot to post yesterday – no excuse just forgot!
This is a picture of the laundry at the Casa Mañana Hotel where we took our laundry. Good price and excellent job. They also have a good restaurant.
And here is a picture of George leaving the Aticama area – he’s waving to me. His post today sounded a little less sure about taking a major trip south.
Ms Tioga and George leaving Aticama
Took a ride down the coast and up through the hills yesterday. Such pretty country around here. Lots and lots of flowers and blooming trees.  This is a philodendron that is growing wild up a tree. Look at the size of the leaves!
On our ride we went through the little town of Santa Cruz about five miles from here. It’s a pretty small town. Here is one of their buildings. Kind of tall and narrow. The bottom is a pharmacy and the top is for outdoor living.
This is another two story house – check out the Bird of Paradise plant it is taller than the house. The plants growing around here are amazing.
On one of the corners in Santa Cruz was this man, he is making churros – got his gas tank and bucket for the boiling oil. The dough is in the galvanized bucket behind him.
After frying the churros are rolled in sugar. YUM!
We came over a small rise in the road to this sight. We came to a dead stop in the middle of the road – no where to pull over.
Isn’t the little cow cute! They just split and walked around us. Notice the motorhome following them – very slowly following them.
Going around us.
Then over the next hill we ended up behind this. Followed him for awhile till we could get a clear view to pass him. Never know what you’ll find on the roads here. This is the road from San Blas to Puerta Vallarta.
We had passed a little town down by the water and as we headed back we turned down the cobblestone road to check it out. Turns out it wasn’t a town with homes, it was a little cove full of restaurants and small fishing boats. There were two women out on the beach cleaning it off. I suspect they were gathering the driftwood for burning.
Got home and watched a very good soccer game. And basically just watched the world go by for the rest of the day. We are getting real good at that. The owners of the campground are starting to replace all the palapas on the beach. Lots of hard work.
I did figure out how to buy and download books for my Nook using the Telcel. Now if I can just remember how I did it. Need to download it to the laptop then open it and then connect my Nook to the laptop and move it over. A couple extra steps then library books.
No plans for today yet……

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  1. jow often do they replace those palapa roofs? Looks like that one needs it