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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunny Saturday in San Blas

The sun has come up over the mountain and it looks like it will be a really nice day again.
What is with Blogger? Some times I can just sign right in, sometimes I have to put in my password and sometimes like today I have to put in my username and the password to get into it? Almost couldn't remember my username.......
Fixed Mexican rice, corn and Italian sausages for dinner last night. Used some of Bill's chimichurri on the sausages - yummy.
I have been reading way to much...my eyes are starting to cross.  Wow just saw on TV that cruise ship that is sinking off Italy. Don't expect to see something like that now days. Guess that captain won't be captaining any more. 
We're going into San Blas this morning with John and Carol to go to the Central Market and then to a little museum there. Maybe go to lunchwhile there. Not sure yet.
More later....

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