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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Empty Beaches and Closed Restaurant

Wednesday a.m.
Yep that’s what we did. We are going to spend more time here in Aticama. Maybe a couple of days, maybe a week more. Not sure yet. However – yesterday was soooo hot here I had to go to the neighbors to cool off. One problem with bringing the Alfa down here is we cannot run the air conditioning as the power in the campground is not good enough. We do not have roof air units we have a big basement unit that needs at least 30 amps and we don’t have that here. We can turn on the generator but that is annoying to other people. So for now I’ll just go visit. Thank goodness it really cools down at night so sleeping is no problem.
At least I felt much better yesterday. We started off the day by taking a short walk on the beach. Lots and lots of beach and no other people were on it. Guess everyone has gone home and back to work.
We were going to try to find the little town of Singayta but just got too hot too quick. So that is on our agenda today.
Late in the afternoon we all decided ( us, John, Carol and George) to go into San Blas for dinner. And George needed to go to the Telcel store. Drove up to Telcel – they were closed. Got to Walla Walla, the restaurant, and they were closed – a hand written sign on the door said it would open at 5:00 p.m. So we went to buy some banana bread at the Original Juan Banana store. It is so good. Went back to park by the restaurant and then walk around a little bit. Restaurant finally opened about quarter after five. We were the only ones in there – but most people here eat later. We all had good meals. I had breaded chicken with peach sauce, rice and vegetables. Bill had enchiladas.  
After eating we walked back to the Telcel store which was open. Bill and George went in there and the rest of us walked around town. Saw one place that had slot machines in it. Quite a few people inside playing the machines. Every time we’d passed it before during the daytime it had been shuttered. We find that a lot – when you go by during the day the place is closed – after 6 p.m. they open up. Also found a restaurant –a very small one – away from the main area. They have a good menu and actually serve a wide variety of breakfasts. So we will have to try it. And John found a place where maybe he can get his TV repaired – a CD is stuck in it and won’t come out.
Here is a picture of the taxi driver’s telephone. The one that rings then he gets out answers it and goes to pick up who ever called.
Need to get ready to go out to breakfast. Bill is up at the office paying for our extended stay.

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