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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walk into Aticama for Hair Cut

Tuesday a.m.
After a couple of days of doing nothing we had a busy – well kind of – yesterday.
I had decided that I needed, really needed, to get my hair cut. Not only did it look terrible it was driving me crazy in the heat. Bill and I had both agreed the night before that we weren’t getting enough exercise and that we really needed to get out and walk more. So instead of driving into Aticama to get my hair cut we walked. I don’t think the distance is too great, it just seemed like it to me. We walked down the empty beach (this is looking up the beach.)
Passed this lovely dead spiky fish.
From the beach we took the dirt gravel road that goes along between the hill and the ocean. Lots of interesting vegetation along there. Flowers of different kinds and this papaya plant.
The leaves of everything are covered in dust from the road. The whole are needs a good rain storm, but that won’t happen for several months.
Past the cemetery – big tree right in the middle of it.
As we got almost to town saw this older home with these pretty red plants growing in front of it.  This side of the hill is in shade but the leaves were getting a little sun.
The road from the beach comes into town near a lot of restaurants that sell grilled fish and raw oysters. Several men were already enjoying the bounty. Once on the main road we turned left towards the haircutter. Passed this wall. Don’t know how old it is but it sure has seen lots and lots of different coats of paint.
About four blocks further and we found Wendy’s – She has a pretty pink store front. When we got there there was a purple shower curtain pulled across the door. We could hear talking inside so pulled the curtain aside. Wendy was there with a friend. Bill told her that I needed my hair cut. She told us that it was Monday and she didn’t work on Monday. She was just there cleaning up. Bill continued to talk to her until he convinced her to cut my hair. He offered to pay double the price. So into the chair I went. She asked how I wanted it cut. Bill  told her to cut it like his – very short. She made him repeat that. Then to work she went. My hair dropped in chunks onto the floor. She looked a little worried as she kept cutting. So anyway – it is done – just the way I wanted it. Very, very short and so much cooler. When Bill went to pay her she at first didn’t want to take double the price but he convinced her to. One haircut 50 Pesos – US$3.70! 
But now we had to walk back. Up and over a hill back to the beach we went.
Passed this home where the lady had just finished her laundry. That is the laundry sink.
Back on the road to the beach we were being passed by cars and trucks going about their business. Then this man came along on his horse. Don’t know was was in the milk cans but they were full. The tops were covered with plastic wrap.
Got home and both of us were ready to rest a while. We really need to get out and exercise more!
In the early evening we went into San Blas to get dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking. Our favorite restaurant Tradiciones was closed – it is Monday – lots of things closed on Mondays. So we went to McDonalds found a parking place right in front and had a very good dinner. Walked around the plaza after dinner. Went to a little store to buy onions. Unusual store had a little bit of everything from produce to ribbons to clothes.
After getting our onions we drove home. And discovered we'd missed a beautiful sunset. Oh well another day.
This morning we’ve just been visiting with our neighbors.

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