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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cows on the beach and dinner in town

Thursday a.m.
I wrote this last night but posting this morning.
We have been on the road for 100 days Wednesday.
Sight on the beach first thing this morning. Where are the cows going?
The yellow car was helping to herd them.
While I was out taking pictures Bill was making French toast for breakfast again. Ended up feeding George breakfast today. He and I had a discussion about spitting while Bill was busy cooking.
Today was much cooler, overcast all day. Temps only got up into the high 70s. Sure felt good to me.
Didn’t do much else till early afternoon when we watched a great soccer game. Barcelona beat Real de Madrid 2 to 1.
Decided to run into San Blas to Tradiciones again for dinner. On the way in we saw a car just barely off the road with a broken front axel. On the way home we saw a small fire burning next to the road. Turned out it was a warning signal for the broken down car. Quite effective.
Our dinner was very good. Big ensalada, papas fritas, Milanese de res (for me) and Milanese de pollo (for Bill.) Bill and the owner of the restaurant had a long conversation about the culture of Mexico. Wish I could write everything that was discussed. They were both laughing so hard about a couple of the things Bill could hardly translate. One thing was about buying tacos from roadside stands. They call them “taco planters” because after buying one of the tacos the consumer “plants” his left foot on the ground so when he takes a bite of the taco and it starts to drip he can shake his right foot to fend off the dogs that come running up to him. Well it was funny when he was demonstrating it.
After dinner we walked around the plaza a little. I got a real cute beaded bracelet for 20 Pesos about US$1.50.
Printed out some maps of Guadalajara today so hopefully we don’t get too lost tomorrow finding the tannery again. Going to be a long day 180 miles there and another 180 back here and we want to be home before it gets dark.
Getting ready to leave - will do short post when we get home.

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