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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bloody Footprints in the Market

Tuesday a.m.
I slept in this morning. Was reading last night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.
Sunset the night before last. I forgot I had taken it – couple days pictures were still on the camera!
Also have a couple from our trip to Tepic yesterday. When we were going up the hill to Tepic (climbing over 3500 feet in 30 miles) we passed this older man (looked to be in his 60s at least) walking down the hill pushing a wheelbarrow – in it were two good sized bags. Like maybe grain or sand. He was miles from any town. After finishing our shopping and heading home we passed him again, still pushing the wheelbarrow and still heading down hill. Still a long way from any town. Can’t imagine how his arms and shoulders felt. And he must have pushed the wheelbarrow up the hill to begin with. 
Just happened to see this mask outside a building in Tepic. Don’t know what it is for but liked the way it reflected in the building.
Passing through one of the small town we went by this truck full of green bananas. Two guys riding on top of the fruit.
Bill just asked what we were going to do today. Hummmm Haven’t come up with anything yet. We do need to go buy dish washing soap – forget to get it yesterday in Tepic. Actually didn’t know we were about to run out. We did go into San Blas stopping first at Tradiciones to have breakfast. Any one who comes to San Blas should stop there for a meal – open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had an omelet and Bill had chili rellenos. It is on the street that the churches are on, about two blocks east on the south side.
Went into a small store in the Central Market to get the dish detergent – and guess what else they had - capers! At half the price we paid for them in Tepic! Anyway while we were there one of the little carnicerias (meat markets) inside got a delivery. The pick up with a bed full of butchered pork backed up to the curb.
The delivery guy got out walked around to the back, took his flip flops off and climbed into the bed of the truck amongst the raw meat.
He picked up one of the carcasses and threw it over his shoulder.
Then carried it into the market. Wonder what his t-shirt is like by the end of the day.
His bloody foot print on the market floor. Ah, this is an interesting country. Never know what you might see.
Walking back to the car we passed on of the little carts that sets up in the street and serves food.
This one is here all the time. Just closing and locking up at night. They serve a pretty varied menu. But what I found interesting is the way they give the food to the customer. They use oval plates – hard decorated plastic kind – some time before they open or get busy they put all the plates into clear plastic bags – like the kind you use in a supermarket for produce. Then the plates are stacked ready to use. The food goes on top of the plastic bag. When someone is done eating the bag is thrown away and the plate is still clean. I thought that was pretty neat. Easier to eat off a real plate and no dish washing. Might try it at home some time!
We bought four kilos of the uncooked breaded chicken filets at Todo de Pollo – separated them in to dinners and they are now in the freezer waiting to become an easy meal.
Another RV just pulled into the park between us and Ms Tioga.

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