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Monday, January 2, 2012

Very Quiet Day

Couldn't get on line this morning and then didn't think about it again till now - 6:30 - oops. Also was not feeling too hot today - spent most of the day just reading. Feeling fine now - maybe I just needed a day of doing nothing.
Yesterday the beach was packed. The most people we've seen there since we've been here.
The man with the two horses had people riding them all day.

We went into Aticama to buy some stuff we needed. Looked at these fish but really weren't in the market for them.

The "super market" we went to.
Bill picking out some produce. It all looked and smelled so good.

While we were there this young boy delivered packages of corn tortillas.
We also bought a dozen eggs. The clerk put them in a plastic bag and handed them to me. I very gently put them in my lap for the bumpy ride home down the beach. Got them all home in one piece.
Sunset last night.
So that's it for today - tomorrow will be our last day here. Heading back to Mazatlan on Wednesday.

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