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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hobbies, hobbies and more hobbies

The stained glass window is coming along. But think it will be a work in progress for another couple of weeks. Choosing the colors is the hardest part. I’m too cheap to cut up full pieces of glass so am working with scraps and am running out of different colors.

Even more done – see the surprises?
All I have left now is the upper left corner.
Had to go Columbus into Hobby Lobby to get a couple more skeins of yarn. Started another scarf and because of the texture of the yarn and the fact I added a little to the width I am using up the yarn quickly. Luckily HL still had some as the ones I bought were on sale and I bought them in Bloomington. So I should be good to go now. 
After the scarf I’m trying a lap robe using two strands of yarn at a time. This is a picture from a few days ago – it is much bigger now. 
BUT – only a couple of rows after I took this picture I messed up the pattern and didn’t notice it until I’d done three more rows. BUT – I figured out how to “unknit” (?) it back to my mistake and then learned how to tell knit from purl so I could figure out where in the pattern I was. To any knitter that is a “so what” moment but I am proud of myself. Now I know I can do it.
Still don’t have the Alfa back! Hope we get it before we want to leave for the winter…… I started writing this a few days ago. We picked the Alfa up and now have the satellite TV in it working fine and it is at the painters waiting to get the gravel guard put on the front cap. Should get it home tomorrow or Friday. Will post a picture of it before and after then.
Good/bad race weekend for my favorite NASCAR driver. He won two races – the truck and Nationwide then had a terrible time in the big Cup race. He was lucky to finish 11th. There will be three more times this year he can try to “sweep” the weekend by wining in all three series. He did it once a couple of years ago. The only driver to ever do that. 
Bill has been busy cooking lately – made enough spaghetti sauce for the entire winter trip. Then cooked up a bunch of chicken Milanese to last for a while and then he made crepes to go with the dulce de leche he cooked up the day before. YUM!
Something weird is going on – we don’t have squirrels any more – they have just disappeared! We put the corn cobs out and they last for days instead of hours. I wonder if it is squirrel season around here. Sure hope that’s not the reason they are gone. Of course we did fatten them up a lot.
Here is a picture of our blackberry crop.  All five of them. By next year hopefully the bush will be big enough to produce a bowl full.
There was a moving happening in Nashville this weekend. In November of 1943 a solder from here in town was killed on Tarawa Atoll. He remains were just found and identified a month or so ago. They were sent to his family here. On Saturday over 400 motorcyclists, fireman, soldiers, police etc. followed the hearse from here to Madison, IN about a 100 miles away to the Veterans Cemetery there. Here is part of the route going through Columbus, IN.  Notice the firemen in their dress uniforms lined up along the street. Fire trucks are holding up the flag. 
Too hot to stay here up stairs much longer – We are headed into a really really hot stretch of weather – heat indices up to the 100s – good time to stay inside. 


  1. Are those blueberries or rasberries? Do you read the blog "To Simplify?" He painted his entire VW van with bedliner paint.

    1. Black Berries - my brain is melting in the heat - and right now I'm baking bread - am I crazy or what.

  2. Post some of his recipes. All of that sounds real good. I like the glass project can't wait to see it finished.