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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rude awakening other day.

Good Sunday morning. Right now it is nice out and we have the doors open for fresh air but soon will have to close them and hopefully the fans will keep us cool – don’t want to run the AC until it is necessary. We are starting into a dry hot spell – the humidity moving in tomorrow again and temps going up into the mid to high 90s by the end of the week.
I love to read mysteries and detective novels – addictive to them. Friday night I stayed up late finishing a particularly good but violent [even for me] one. So I slept in later than usual yesterday morning only to wake up to BANG BANG BANGBANGBANG! Gun shots! With novel still roaming around my mind I shot up out of bed, heart banging….then I realized it was the neighbor across the street down in the holler target practicing. Talk about a rude awakening – didn’t need any coffee to wake me up that’s fer sure.
So what have we been doing all week? On Wednesday we went into our little town and walked around some. Wanted to go to a particular art gallery where one of our friends has her paintings displayed. And Nashville being Nashville – the gallery wasn’t open. Only open a couple of days a week. Sometimes this town amazes me. Like now they are giving tickets to motorcyclists who have loud pipes. Good way to bring in business!
But any way on place is now selling Barn Quilts – Wonder if they saw mine and got an idea as they’ve never sold them before. And are they expensive – I should go into business. A 3 x 3 one is $125. And they aren’t even weather proofed!

We also went to look at the new murals that are by the Historical Society building. They were done by different local artists and depict the history [kind of] of the area. A couple of them were really nice. They are 4 x 8 in size.
The building behind them is the Historical Society Building. They are mounted on the back wall of a parking lot. 

The Indians meeting the Trapers
 This one depicts The Huckster wagon delivery supplies to the settlers. The other day I posted a picture of Bill buying chicken in the little market in Bean Blossom. That market started with this Huckster wagon in the 1800s. So a lot of history there. 

The Fall Colors Brown County is famous for. 
 This one is a tribute to T C Steele who was a famous painter who moved to Brown County in 1907 and was instrumental in several artists moving to the area. Then establishing The Artists Colony of the Midwest. More about T C Steele
I like the way this one is painted - Some pioneers
 And this is my favorite - mostly because of the style and detail. It is showing one of the first Funeral Homes here in Nashville. It is still in business. 
 Check out the chickens and the quilts hanging on the line. 
 A tribute to the music - Bean Blossom is the location of the Bill Monroe music park. Bluegrass, Bluegrass Gospel and Blues all summer long. 
Neat aren't they. Will have to go there again when the sun is shinning on them not into my camera. 
Continuing our stroll through town. This church is celebrating 125 years of services here in town.
Just a couple of buildings on the main street.
Couldn’t resist taking pictures of these benches. Been trying to Bill to build us a couple. Cute but probably not comfortable. Didn’t check the prices. 
He waits patiently for me
Checking out some of the wood chain saw carvings. Pretty neat motorcycle.
And I want the piggy – wouldn’t he look cute in our front yard?
A little further on one of the outhouses getting ready for the outhouse races later in September. I never said we were a sophisticated town. 
Also been knitting and working on stained glass – more about that later. 

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