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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just puttering around the house

Have not disappeared into the woods - just haven't got around to posting.
See if I can catch up some. The new water heater is in and working wonderfully - we have hot water when we want it without out and fussing with it.
The alarm company was here Friday fixing a glitch in the house alarm.
Not getting the broken window glass repaired so I've started on a stained glass piece that will hang in front of the cracked window in the living room. So I won't see it. If you can't see it why fix it. The smaller broken one will have to have the glass replaced but Bill thinks he can do it. Just have to get him out there and interested in it.
He's been spending lots of time in the Alfa doing and redoing things. Cleaning and repacking things especially in the storage areas underneath. Found a couple of lounge chairs we forgot we had. Also a rug and two (?) BBQs. And he found a place to put his remote controlled cars so he'll be able to play with them.
Been looking into getting the graphics on Alfie redone - they are all peeling off and fading. Right now it is just a "look into" project.
Finished my barn quilt I'm giving to a friend and starting a new one for us - this one will be 4' x 4'.
My knitting project is going along fine - only have about 10 more inches to do so I'm being very careful and really paying attention when I'm knitting. Don't want to rip it up and start again.
Been to the doc a few times. Seems like you go in for one thing and they find a bunch more reasons for you to go back. Should never have gone in the first place.
The weather has been great - the hottest day has been 85 with no heat in sight for weeks. And been raining every couple of days so Bill hasn't had to water. Our water bill went from $300 last year this time to $27 this year. Of course this year we don't have 35 hanging plants to water and no heat and no rain.
Have not seen and sign of raccoons - thank goodness.
Still cannot get the satellite dish on the Alfa to go up - so we went and got a portable dome to see how that would work. Well living here in the woods it doesn't work good. No clear sight line to the southern sky. And Bill didn't like the idea of having it sitting out on the ground and having to wander around looking for a signal. So it is being returned.......I don't know which is more trouble the RV or the house. 
Going to go make some bread, paint another color on the quilt and maybe solder the center piece of my glass and then later today watch the boring race from Pocono.
So we're keeping busy just not doing anything interesting to others.  

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