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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Alfa, the Window and the Deer

Another hot day coming today. At least we’ve had some rain the last two nights. Maybe for once out hills are catching the clouds instead of them going around us. Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to come in with temps dropping back into the high 70s low 80s again for a while. Enough of this 90 crap.
Alfie is home with his front painted and new engine batteries! Guess we shouldn’t complain the batteries we replaced were the original ones since we bought him. Over 11 years old. Here he is before
And now after. No more replacing a bra every couple of years because it got worn and tattered.
These are the guys that did the work. They do a lot of classic car restoring and painting. They are in the town of Gnaw Bone not far from us.
Our problems with mechanical things have continued this summer. Mentioned we had to have the alarm company out here twice for malfunctions. And last week we had to call the satellite TV people to get a new remote [the channel buttons quit working - at least the ones we used the most]– hope that is the end of it. I’d say what is left to go bad? – but there are still major appliances that could so I’ll keep quiet.
Here is another picture of the window – the glass work is all done [unless I decided to frame it with strips of glass.] Still have to solder both sides, put the support pieces on the edges, dye the solder, and clean and polish the whole thing. Another week or so of work before it is up.
Next picture will be when it is hanging in window.
Went outside to check out back and she was waiting for me. Where’s the corn? She stood there while I got the bucket full and threw it out to her.
Also saw this clematis blooming. It seemed to bloom overnight.
Today there is a lot of NASCAR on the TV – practicing, qualifying and a race tonight. So guess I’ll watch and knit. Almost have my second scarf finished – then will make matching mitts – Christmas presents any one? Also going to go looking on line for a pattern for a beanie that guys can wear.
Where has this summer gone? Labor Day weekend already……Wow! Soon it will be time to pack up and get on the road again. Sure hope the price of gas and diesel doesn’t keep going up and up and up. What a racket!
Before I forget - Bill is one of those cooks who just adds stuff until it tastes and looks right. No recipes to follow. He is an excellent cook.

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  1. Yikes, when I first read the title of your post I thought a deer had hit the window of the Alfa. lol Window looks beautiful, and you are right, summer is over way too fast.