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Friday, December 27, 2013

Boots, Bread and Sunsets

Good Morning!
No rain last night. The night before it poured all night. Yesterday was clear and warm and today is supposed to be the same. With all the rain lately everything is so green. All the dust has been washed off the trees and plants. Very pretty.
Yesterday was a kind of “do errands day.” 
First we stopped at the alterations lady. Bill had a few pairs of pants he wanted shortened.
Then we headed over to the Centro Historico to the watch repair guy. But unfortunately it looks like he has closed his business. We’ll check again after the first of the year. Hopefully he is just on vacation over the holidays. Bill has an old watch that he cleans every year for him. We parked in our regular parking lot. Again welcomed “home.” The kid who works in the parking lot washing cars is the same kid that washed Willie the other day. He says because it started to rain right after we picked Willie up he will wash him for free next time.
The parking lot is right across from the Yellow Building that got fixed up so we got the skinny on it. No one has bought it – it will not be occupied. The government of the city fixed it up for the tourists. They hauled out eight big trucks full of debris from it. And not long after they finished the hurricane came through in November and it was struck by lightening. That explains the broken window on the left and the missing plaster. Poor old thing has a rough life. Many many years ago it was a Chinese bakery…or so we’ve been told.
I just like this building so I’ll share it. It is from the late 1800s and has been kept up and used.
And this building. The first floor is nice and kept up. The second floor has no roof. Can look through the window right up into the sky.
A couple years ago the city of Mazatlan buried a lot of the power lines and ran new meter boxes to the buildings. So we thought most of this would disappear. Apparently not. You want more lines you just run one.
Our second errand for the day was dropping a couple pairs of Bill’s cowboy boots off in the main Plaza to be shinned. 2 pairs of very dull dusty boots. 60 pesos - $4.50. There are about 20 shoe shines stands around the plaza. 
We left them  to be shined and headed over to the Plazuela Machado to have lunch at Beach Burger – an outdoor restaurant there. While eating we got to watch this guy demonstrate his roping skills. Always something going on there.

And then we went to pick up the Foccacia bread Bill had ordered at the bakery up the street. When we went in the bakery the day before they had some but they’d already trimmed the edges off and he likes it with the edges so they told us to come back and they would leave the edges on. The whole bread.

Cutting the piece in half for him – with edges. And they even offered to give him the edges they’d cut off another piece – for FREE as they just threw then out. We left with his bags of bread and a big grin on his face.

Walked down this colorful street on the way back to the car.

Driving back home we noticed the sign on Burger King – they deliver!

Stayed home for awhile. Then headed out late afternoon/early evening. Noticed this rainbow color in one cloud.

Then we stopped to pick up the shirts Bill had left at the laundry a couple of days ago.

Drove out to the cliffs near the harbor to watch the sunset. Didn’t disappoint.

It is funny when ever we go there to watch the sunset Bill always ends up taking pictures for pretty girls that want the sunset in the background.
Then on to the Plazuela Machado to check out the Christmas decorations at night.

And of course we had to stop and have dinner. Delicious Italian Chicken Salads.

Spent an hour or so there – perfect weather – about 77 degrees and no wind or humidity. Watched all the families strolling the plaza and all the little kids on their new Christmas bikes and scooters. There are a lot of Mexican families in town for the holidays from the interior. So it was pretty busy for a Thursday night. And during the day the beaches are full.

No plans for today. Talked to the manager of the park yesterday about getting propane and asked about finding someone to give us advice on the cracked windshield. And I’m going to wash some of the curtains here in the Alfa – they smell like sand. Just going to do one pair – if they need ironing – OMG – we’ll take the rest to the laundry and have them do them. 
I put the pictures in at a little smaller size - to see if the blog will upload quicker. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.  Better idea or not?


  1. Wow, what a coincidence! We had lunch at Beach Burger yesterday as well! We are staying at Tres Amigos RV Park on Isla de la Piedra. If you guys feel adventurous and want to take a panga boat over on Saturday afternoon, we're having a small gathering of RV bloggers at Contessa's site to have a happy hour sunset potluck. She writes the 5Cs Que Pass blog.

  2. Every year we've talked about taking the ride over to Stone Island but have never got around to it. Maybe when we have company this year we will.
    Did you see the roping guy?