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Monday, December 23, 2013

On the Road Today

Sunday was a nice day – spent a lot of time on yesterday’s blog and using the fast good Internet connection.
Willie is with us again. He showed up about 2:00. So good to see him. I wonder if he was ticked about the Alfa getting a new paint job.
So any way we will be off south heading towards Mazatlan.
Up and getting ready to leave here – stopped for two days and stayed 12 –

Next post some time later tonight from?????? I know I'll miss this nice fast Internet. 
The sun is just now rising up over the horizon and not a cloud in the sky. If we get as far as Mazatlan that will be a 350 miles day.
Until later - might not have Internet tonight - I think our time ran out on the TelCel stick might have to go renew it before I can use it. 

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