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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Painting Alfie

This is a little of the sunrise this morning. Looks like a double sun – one coming out of the water.

With the sun a little higher.
Next time I looked out it had turned foggy – that lasted about 15 minutes and now it is a clear as can be.
The painters should be here in soon. Though it remains pretty damp out this morning. Got up to 80s yesterday.
The painters got here yesterday morning about 8:00 and got right to work. First the primer went on.
With the second coat of primer on the whole coach.
Priming the other side. I was stuck inside for the duration as the door was all sealed off.
Got a lot done inside. Cleaned and rearranged cupboards, freezer and refrigerator. Downloaded a couple books to the nook – yes I remembered how to do it with the TelCel connection to the Internet. Have to plug the Nook into the laptop and move the book directly to the Nook via USB connection.
The color of the bottom.
Papers off – looks really different.
Today they will touch up, work on graphics and put on some pin striping. Unfortunatally the only Auto Zone here didn’t have the wide pin striping that Bill wanted but what he got should be fine.
I did get a glimpse of the dolphins yesterday but not good enough to take pictures. Only two of them.
While stuck inside I was of course on-line – unpleasant discovery the gas and diesel here are higher than in the states. In Indiana gasoline is 2.85 a gallon, here it is 3.25 a gallon. Diesel at home about 3.55 a gallon, here it is 3.60. No wonder there aren’t as many people traveling here this year. Prices of food have gone up too. Not as cheap as it used to be.
Our landlord out checking his fishing net again in the afternoon, this time in a small boat.
The setting sun shining on the Alfa – sunset wasn’t worth taking pictures of. 
The painters are here 8:12 - Wonder how much they'll get done today? We came here for a couple of days have been here a week today. Glad we don't have any actual plans. We've been away from home for 80 days already. 

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  1. Will see you soon we arrive Dec 29, staying ar Torres Mazatlan.