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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Walk on the beach

Watched the sun come up this morning. Pretty sight. Now I’m trying to remember to look out over  the water to see if the dolphins are going by. But I’ve probably missed them already. Bill got up a while ago to turn the heat on – then he went back to bed! But the birds heard him and started flying around and squawking. They’ve settled back down but are keeping a couple of sentries out front waiting.
There are usually on seagulls here but yesterday a bunch of pelicans got nosy – wanted to see what the seagulls were so excited about I guess.
They decided they didn’t like what Bill was throwing out so they retreated to the water line and watched.
I took a short walk on the beach yesterday. Looking up at the RV park – the Alfa, Willie and the restaurant.
Looking down the beach – I want to say looking south but since that is where the sun rises I guess it is East. Lots of homes along there – but don’t usually see any people.
Looking up or West on the beach.
The way this area is set up the water the Sea of Cortez [Gulf of California] is to our south. This bird was feasting on a fish caught in a net. His own private banquet and he didn’t like me stopping to watch. Got some rather rude sounds from him.
Just watching me walk by.
Several years (either 2007 or 2009) ago a big destructive hurricane came through here and did a lot of damage. One of the houses that hasn’t been fixed.
Each year more houses have been rebuilt or repaired.
After the walk I did a couple of loads of laundry and talked to our neighbor. He and Bill were trying to get our TV working – he has a huge satellite dish and can get DirectTV on it. One year we were able to get TV off his dish – but not this year. Don’t know whether it was the cable, connections or box but no luck.
While they were doing that another RV pulled in with a truck and camper– whoops – he had a hole/cracks in the top corner of his camper. He had gone to Alamos – a beautiful little town not far from here – and the streets were dug up so the traffic was detoured down the river bed right through a bunch of trees– and a big branch hit him. So everyone was out with advice – plastic and duck tape. Lots of duck tape. Hope it holds for them.
Later I tried to download a book from Barnes and Noble and it will let me buy it but not download it. Worked fine a day ago. Will try again later today. But this is what it did to me last year the whole time we were in Mexico……
We had planned on only being here a few days, now it looks like we will be here for a while. We are getting the graphic on the Alfa repainted. Well the old decals will be taken off and then painted on. Also the blisters on the basement doors will be fixed and painted.
Sure hope the wind doesn’t blow.

That’s about it for yesterday. Cooked dinner and watched a movie. After getting a couple of pictures of the okay sunset. 

Now just waiting for the painters to get here and start the prep work.

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  1. ok sunset!? Love the last pic! I'm surprised it is so quiet there as far as more RVs. Such a nice spot.