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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shopping in Guaymas

It seems like RV travel to Mexico is even less this year than last. This RV park used to be almost completely full – 140 some spaces. There are probably less than 30 coaches in it now and most of them are from Canada. Don’t know if it is because of the media or the fact that prices here have gone up in the past few years. Gasoline here is more expensive than in the states and diesel is almost the same. Prices of spaces in the RV parks have gone up too. Though this one is reasonable at US$23 a night with WiFi, cable TV and right across the street from the beach.
Yesterday we went into Guaymas to go to a yardage store and the Central Market. Our first challenge was finding someplace to park. AND making sure we were going the right way on the one way streets. The first small estacionamiento [parking lot] we found was full. There was one narrow space between a car and an SUV but the attendant said No it was too small to fit in. Bill tried to convince him it was big enough but couldn’t change his mind. A  block and a half further we found another lot with only two other cars in it. So we parked there. [When we were headed home I noticed a real big parking lot right on the main street! – We’ll use that one next time.] This building was across from the parking lot. How many different colors it had been painted through the years. Notice the right hand side is a “Love Boutique” store.
Walking down towards the main shopping area I found the sidewalks interesting. This one is all tile.
A few feet further on it is very uneven rough cement. You really have to pay attention to where you are stepping when you’re walking.
Passed a shop selling outfits for Baptism and Communion. So pretty. I'm so busy looking in shops Bill had to drag me by the shirt to keep me up with him. 
As we reached the main street we found Churros – actually smelled them before seeing them. Didn’t buy any though as they were really greasy. Bill was tempted…..
We went into the Parisina – yardage store – they have so much neat stuff. Our friend was looking for oilcloth for her table. Large selection. From 16.99Pesos a meter to 59.99P a meter about US$1.20 to US$4.50. She bought some of the sunflower one.
I was looking at the wide variety of Christmas material. Reduced to less than a US dollar yard.  All kinds – even some made especially for curtains with the rod pocket and ruffled bottom.
From there we headed to the Central Market. Always interesting places to visit and shop in. This street in front of the market is only for walking.
The first area we went into was---the meat market. A long narrow section of white tiles and counters.
And lots of meat. The butchers were laughing at me taking this picture. Probably thinking Those Gringos take pictures of everything. 
And every Central Market has it food court. Must be good there were a lot of people eating at the little restaurants.
Thought this was convenient – a place to wash up in amongst the vendors.
Most of the vendors inside the building were selling clothes – other than the meat market we didn’t see many groceries for sale. Very different from other markets we’ve been into.
Walking around the other side of the market back out on the street we saw lots of peanut vendors.
Continued walking back around the front of the market and we found some produce – only two or three vendors set up on tables.
The bags on the front left hand corner have squash blossoms in them.
Zucchini, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, some corn, beans, onions, peppers and watermelon available. And a couple of things I’m not sure what they were. Everything looked very good and fresh.
Down a little ways and there was fresh fish for sale. I think he was still wiggling.
Beautiful flowers. By bunches or in arrangements.
And back on the main street – candies.
We’ve passed a lot of Woolworths here in Mexico but never gone in one. Finally did. More like a Target than what I remember a Woolworths being. Mainly clothes, toys and personal hygiene items. And a few TV’s  -  no soda fountain though. Really liked this sweater dress – if I were 50 pounds lighter. And a couple of inches taller. Oh well we can’t all be perfect.
Lots of vendors on the sidewalks selling all kinds of stuff for Christmas.
This is kind of a typical view of one of the side streets. There is a little restaurant in the front of a home. Some of the buildings are newly painted and occupied some are in various states of disrepair. The yellow building at the end is a very modern store.
There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Mexico. More than in the states it seems. And this one has Sushi too.
And this is a delivery boy. They use the motor scooters with hot and/or cold boxes on them. Seems like a better idea than having to drive a car through this traffic.
Stopped at WalMart on our way home and I got some ice cream – this year the container is smaller [just like at home] and the price is bigger. Almost US$7 for a one pint container of Häagen Dazs Dulce de Leche. I AM going to enjoy every single spoonful of it. AND lick the carton. 
Stayed in for dinner last night – had gnocchi and meat balls with Bill’s special homemade spaghetti sauce from home. 
No plans for today but I did get some spectacular pictures of the sunrise and birds this morning. 

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  1. Wonderful post! Anything FOOD gets my ears perky! Thanks for sharing.