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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Visiting Yavaros again

Beautiful day again. The waves are bigger today I can hear them as the come into shore and even see some whitecaps out on the water.  It is funny, I’ve got on shorts and a t-shirt but the beach is empty because the people who live here think it is cold out. It’s around 70F. Got a picture of our house yesterday – covered in snow!
The painters got here yesterday morning at 8:30 but because it was Saturday they only worked a half a day. Bill and friend watching them.
Alfie when they got here
Alfie when they left – only this side got done. It is a bear to remove those decals without making a mess.
So Bill and I took off for a while and drove over to the little fishing town of Yavaros. It happened to be tiangis day (kind of a farmers market meets a swap meet.) Lots of people walking around and lots of stuff for sale.
He is selling really big balloons.
Almost every house had a table out front with something for sale. From tools, baby equipment and lots of clothes.
Some pretty party dresses – holidays coming up. And a BBQ.
Bill buying churros – his first of the year. (Deep fried dough covered with cinnamon and sugar) They were pretty good. Nice and crunchy which is unusual.
Just some of the things set up  in the plaza for sale. Colorful plastic bowls and chairs.
Produce of course. Notice the boxes – I don’t thinks some of these things are grown around here.
More shopping and shoppers. Clothing piled up on trunk of car. A lot of the Indian women wear the long skirts and scarves over their hair.
She got her balloon. 
After driving through town we went to the boat docks. There is a big processing plant here for shrimp I think – or maybe sardines – so there are a lot of big boats here tied up along the wharf. 
Sometimes they are two to three across. But not many here today. Maybe that explains why we can see so many out on the Gulf.
Fisherman’s work is never done. Always something to repair.
These boats were really close together – they missed the tire fender – it is not between them but off the the side and they are actually rubbing against each other metal to metal.
Docked side by side.
These boys are fishing between the boats with just a line and some bait. And they had actually caught at least one fish that we saw.
A couple of days ago a lot of these black seagulls and the ones with the orange beaks were over by us on the beach but for some reason they left. Now we only have plain old ordinary white gray ones.
At another part of the marina/harbor there is another pier where the small pangas are docked.[what is the difference between a pier and a wharf?]
A closer look at two of them with their motors.
And the gas station where they get the fuel to run their motors. No smoking allowed.
Heading back into downtown we passed a bicycle repair shop.
Last night we went to dinner at the restaurant here on the campground. Our view while eating.
No plans for today yet. 
Hummm  Pier: a structure built out over the water and supported by pillars: used as a landing place
Wharf: a structure on a shore, at which ships are loaded or unloaded; dock
Dock: a wharf, pier.   So now we know. 


  1. Nice pics and story lines. The gulls are Heermann's gulls. The white headed ones with orange bill's are adults and the darker ones are 1st winter.

  2. A friend of mine has a class A with blistered decals, she wants them removed. Can you share with us haw your guys removed them.

    BTW, love your blog.

    1. Hair dryer and razor blade and elbow grease - no easy way down here - I think? I've heard about a solution you can buy just for removing decals - but don't remember anything else about it.