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Friday, December 13, 2013

Rainy day in Huatabampito - but nice sunset

Yesterday was an icky day – rained most of the day. Except at sunrise and sunset. 
That is the other RV here in the campground
Today the sun is up and not a cloud in the sky and supposed to be 78F.
First to clarify the information about the road block. If you didn’t read the article. The protest isn’t about taxing the water it is about “taking” it from the Yaqui land and sending it elsewhere.
This picture is from one of the nurseries here. Lots of pretty Christmas plants – I usually can’t spell poinsettia.
And this home. We’ve watched it being built for several years. First the land was staked out and the bricks were bought and stacked on it. Then little by little the house was built. When we were here in March the house was complete and the family moved in. The exterior was brick. Now it has been plastered. I would love to meet the family and am so happy for them.
When I open the curtains in the morning this is what is waiting outside for Bill.
As soon as he opens the door more show up. Feeding time. He throws the tortilla pieces up in the air and some of them get quite good at snatching them in flight. The rest fight over what hits the ground.
Bill with his ducks seagulls all in a row.
There are about eight shrimp boats out that we can see. We’ve been told they fish at night and spend the day resting, eating and fixing the boats. They go out for several days at a time. Coming in when they have their full catch. At night we can see all their lights.
Watching the pelicans dive for fish.
Just before sunset the rain stopped so we were treated to one of Huatabampito's beautiful sunset.

Had to get the palm trees in the picture. I didn’t want to get out in the wet sand so took these right from our doorstep.
Interesting clouds of light.
Bill ate from the very good restaurant here on the campground – he loves their Chili Rellenos – I had a big salad. After eating we took a drive into town. Yesterday was the Virgin of Guadalupe festivities but we missed them – hiding at home because of the rain. The church and main street.
The Nativity scene in the Plaza reflecting in the wet sidewalk.
Notice the baby isn’t there. He doesn’t arrive until midnight December 25th.
Just another picture.
We went over to the church just before the Misa was to begin. Bill talking to the Priest. He serves more than one church in the area.
From there we went to the grocery store to get more tortillas and some cash from the ATM. Luckily they have two because the first one didn’t work. Then we went looking for the churros man but he wasn’t at his usual spot – but then he usually works during the day. And then to a brand new grocery store. Very nice.

Home to watch a movie – Calamity Jane with Doris Day. Forgot what good music was in it. So today we will be out and about as soon as the sun has a chance to warm things up. 

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