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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Huatabampito to Mazatlan - a very long day

Ugh – the end of a very long day. Well it was last night when I wrote this - 
Our last pretty sunrise in Huatabampito.
We left there at 8:00 and got to Las Jaibas RV in Mazatlan at 3:34 – the GPS said we would get there at 3:32 – but what does she know.  381 miles with one stop for diesel [at US$3.62 a gallon] and lunch about 3/4s of an hour. Averaged around 55 miles per hour. Once we got into the state of Sinaloa the 15D toll road was for the most part pretty good.
But Sonora really needs to do some more work on their part of the 15D. Very very rough. 
The tolls for the day were a little over US$100! That’s how much a mile? At one of the toll booths for some reason there was a lot of traffic backed up going through it. While waiting in line we were swamped with vendors – wanting to sell something, wanting to wash the windows and kids asking for cookies and candy. Bill finally told the kids off in Spanish so they would get away from the window. See the guy washing the window of the white vehicle just in front of the black car.
Just a few of them heading towards us. There must have been at least 50 working this toll booth. But this was the only one where we've ever seen so many rushing cars. 
Oops. We pulled into a gas station for fuel and pulled into the gasoline only side so we had to pull out and go around a building to get to the diesel side. Only we couldn’t cause all these federal police cars were blocking the way. Had to ask them to please move their cars. They did and smiled while doing it.
Today’s travel was one of the days you don’t really enjoy. First the rough road and then all the obstacles we encountered on the toll road no less. I didn’t get a picture of this - a pickup with a bright pink chicken in a cage in the back – that’s right bright pink.
Did get these though: Tractors – one of many
Crop dusters – well he wasn’t really on the road but he sure flew close to the ground as he went over us.
And of course cattle
A truck carrying a load of pigs blew his right rear tire in front of us. Bill got slowed down and around him okay. Even missed all the flying pieces of tire.
But – the road for the most part was four lane divided with a center divider – either grass, dirt or cement. As we were passing a big slow truck in the passing lane an IDIOT [read A$$HO!E] with California plates went flying by us on our left in the center dirt. Of course he threw up dirt and stones! Guess where one of the stones hit. Our windshield of course, yep that is a crack on the driver’s side. Starts at the top comes down curves to the left and continues further down – about 1/3 of the way. Hope it can be fixed and doesn’t have to be replaced.
So we finally got to Mazatlan, got set up and unhooked a very very dirty Willie. He will get washed tomorrow today. While doing that a couple of people already here in the campground came to tell us they’d wondered about us and were glad to see we’d finally gotten “home.” We left home 84 days ago!
And then we went out for RIBS – There too we were welcomed like coming home.
That is my plate – Bill was already digging into his.
2 dinners for 180 Pesos – about US14.00. Can’t beat that.
he's been waiting for those for almost 3400 miles.
After eating we rode around Mazatlan – along the Malecón and to the old district. Then home. Where believe it or not Bill put up some Christmas lights out front. Thus ended a long long day. 
So now it is morning - Christmas Eve - I think a lot of cleaning will be done today. Get rid of all the sand floating around in here. Maybe even wash some curtains. Certainly Willie will be washed and cleaned inside. 
There are more RVs here in the campground than we've seen for years. Even two here in the back with us. Glad to see that. 
Time to get busy. Merry Christmas to All


  1. Whew, glad you made it.. Those California drivers in Mexico are the worst, always in a hurry. The Ribs you good.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Wow, what a hectic day, bummer about the windshield, I wonder niw if there is merit to leaving it 'till you are back home.
    Awesome ribs.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  3. Tell us , the readers, again where you go for the ribs - they look delicious

    1. We go to Fat Fish in Mazatlan for the ribs.

  4. WoW! What a day, even by Mexico standards! At least Bill was rewarded with the ribs!

    Merry Merry Christmas to you both. You are warm we are pretty cold…..thinking of heading south too!

  5. DeNada!!! Aren't you glad we left some for you. Merry Christmas to you both.

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